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skipped an archetype like time before last?
Perhaps what you mean by "a search for authenticity" is what I mean when I say the medium is "warmer" and "less sterile". That being said I can't tell you about the musical taste of 1980s cohorts except for my Husband and my Sister. My husband (1982) prefers older music, the older the better. In fact for hims Pop doesn't get good until the musician has been dead at least 10 years. My sister on the other hand (1984) will listen to just about any schlock that comes on the radio. She doesn't so much have a certain taste but a complete lack of it.

Myself I still gravitate toward the Alternative and Grunge of the 1990s but find that I do like a lot of music from before then. Particularly Jazz and Blues. I can't stand the Beatles though. For me it is like Music went into a black hole from 1964 to 1977.
It really is all mathematics.

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RE: skipped an archetype like time before last? - by Kinser79 - 05-04-2019, 07:11 PM

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