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skipped an archetype like time before last?
(05-09-2019, 09:14 PM)Kinser79 Wrote:
(05-09-2019, 07:24 PM)TheNomad Wrote: can someone please move this thread to the off-topic/trash bin?  why cant ppl who begin threads cancel them when they go into completely unrelated territory according to the OP and title of the thread?

that should not be allowed.

wtf does beatles and justin beeber have to do w a frakkin skipped archetype?

Dude you've been on this forum for forever and the old one before then.  Since when did a thread ever stay on topic? Rolleyes

I have really been on here maybe a year or so.  I dont know what old one you speak of.  Just because ppl want to ramble and find/create new and imaginative ways shove their doctrines on everyone else, it should not be allowed.

I do see the pattern, you do not?  The thread could be "PLANTING A GARDEN" and then in page 3 people will be complaining about entitlement programs, how Politician X is the devil and the idea positivity and god are all we need to survive the coming global holocaust(s) in the 4th Turning.

it aint right.  disrespectful also.  if a person starts a thread, they should have the ability to delete it for this reason IF they want to.  I dont come to your house and take a dump on your welcome mat.  And if I did, I would expect you'd want to get rid of that one right quick and replace it.

it's selfish and everyone all they most seem to know how to do here is find a way to EXPOUND their beliefs at others no matter what the topic is.    Yes AT.  Because ppl like u showing yourself in here conducting large conversations with others and then the next post you are saying "PERSON X never listened and they have a birth defect and an empty head" yet there you are blasting your beliefs at them like they was the side of a house you trying to power-wash.  WHY do you even want to communicate with them?  Because you aren't communicating anything except your doctrines AT everyone.  No communication is exchanged, just billboards and bumper stickers, so no one learns anything, no one hears anyone.

It starts there.  Take some responsibility.

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RE: skipped an archetype like time before last? - by TheNomad - 05-10-2019, 01:38 AM

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