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skipped an archetype like time before last?
In the spirit of this thread, here is an idea I have toyed with. Maybe there is no post-GI Civic generation (yet)?

As I have written about before, I developed a model for the saeculum based on the idea that history creates generations when they are coming of age, who then create history when they come to power. The table below shows model output given a social moment in 1773-1787 which forged the Republican Civic generation. This generation is predicted to be in power over 1801-1815, and creates a social moment called the Age of Jefferson. The youth who come of age during this time are the "Jefferson generation" who when they come to power in 1830-44 create the Abolitionist Awakening which forges the "Jackson generation" who gives us the Civil War then they come to power over 1861-77. The process continues on to the predicted social moment of the present in 2006-2023. 

Note these are simply model outputs, *predictions* of future turnings based on an assumed social moment over 1773-1787. They can be off of expected values because models are not perfect. Anyways, the key issue he is the Jefferson generation, which is not a civic generation, but not a S&J-type prophet generation (the Jackson generation is closer to that).  What if the Millennial generation is like the Jefferson's. Prophet-like in the sense of the "Awokening" going on in campuses, but lacking a true problem-solving 4T to make them full-fledged Civics. They were raised by Boomers to be Civic-types, but when they entered adulthood, the elder generations stubbornly resisted having a true 4T crisis  that would allow then the classic Civic coming of age experience. So they are neither Nomads, Prophets or Civics but a mix of archetypes, or perhaps they own new archetype.

Dom. Generation Birth Years Coming of Age  Turning
Republican 1752-1766 1773-1787    Revolutionary (4T)
Jefferson  1780-1794 1801-1815    Age of Jefferson
Jackson    1809-1823 1830-1844    Abolitionist Awakening (2T)
Civil War  1840-1856 1861-1877    Civil War & Reconstruction (4T)
Progressive1874-1891 1895-1912    Progressive Era (2T)
Greatest   1911-1925 1932-1946    New Deal & WW II (4T)
Boomers    1946-1960 1967-1981    New Consciousness (2T)
Millennial  985-2002 2006-2023    The Awokening

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