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Why do people think you need a giant social movement to search for obscure things?
(05-03-2019, 09:56 AM)David Horn Wrote:
(05-02-2019, 03:02 PM)AspieMillennial Wrote:
(05-02-2019, 02:15 PM)David Horn Wrote:
(05-02-2019, 01:30 PM)AspieMillennial Wrote: Sometimes I think "progressives" are the domestic version of the neocons. They shout a lot of buzzwords while knocking things down and making them a disaster. Progressives are the ones who started sterilizing people for instance because of eugenics because they kept thinking how much better it would make the world. Guess what? It failed. Progress failed.

Any group that intentionally moves the Overton Window risks the unknown lurking outside the current norm.  Yes, mistakes have ben made and will be made in the future.  It's the price of progress.  Then again, failing to take those risks carries the counter risk of sclerotic rot.  For example, not trying agriculture would have left us all living in caves.

True. I'm not opposed to all change because some changes are very good and make lives better for people. I am however, opposed to progress for the sake of progress.

Then accept the status quo, because progress is the product of change -- most of which has a factor of unknown risk and reward. Remember Post-It notes? They were the accidental result of work on a totally different product. Solyndra, on the other hand, was an attempt to make cheap solar power that failed miserably. Unless you are willing to risk failures, successes never have a chance to happen.

Solyndra was the result of a deliberate scam. Failures need to be risked but sometimes the logic just isn't there. Lately whenever I see things progressing, things have gotten worse. I'm very skeptical of progress because whenever I've seen it called for, things get worse. Some progress is good but I look at it from a cautioned approach. Progress is usually a code word of "give up this or that freedom for the sake of society" or it's trying to gaslight you into accepting being accused or victimized.

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RE: Why do people think you need a giant social movement to search for obscure things? - by AspieMillennial - 05-03-2019, 10:46 AM

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