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Snapshot of the Homeland generation today
(06-09-2019, 03:13 PM)sbarrera Wrote: Clearly some generation must follow the Millennials, but I have my doubts about the Gen-Z concept. In the generational theory which I study, the next generation, still in childhood, is called the Homeland generation. This name was coined early in the century, around the time that the Department of Homeland Security was instituted in response to 9/11.

Which is an incredibly stupid name.  It's like naming boomers the "Pearl Harbor generation" because they were the ones born after Pearl Harbor.  I'll take "new Silents" or "gen Z" or "Quiet".

Actually Gen Z might be good:  we may think we're keeping them sequestered and safe at home, but in fact Gen Z is largely unsupervised on the internet because it's their native territory, which they know way better than their parents do.

The rest of your post is pretty much spot on.

Quote:Another example, What Maisie Knew, warns of the follies of the affluent and the damage that divorce and neglect do to a child.

Clearly I need to write a book on managing to avoid a divorce for the sake of my children.

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