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Snapshot of the Homeland generation today
(07-02-2019, 03:18 PM)Warren Dew Wrote:
(07-02-2019, 05:08 AM)David Horn Wrote: He's right on the issues, but has the age issues to deal with.

He's only a year older than Biden.  Or do you think the issue is that he looks older, rather than his actually being older?

No, Biden has age issues too.  In fact, Trump is beginning to have them as well.  The only advantage Trump has over the others: his supporters are his age.  

Reagan got a pass on age.  In 2016, Trump got one too, but this time feels different.  We'll see.  2020 is right around the corner.
Intelligence is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom, but they all play well together.

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RE: Snapshot of the Homeland generation today - by David Horn - 07-02-2019, 04:57 PM

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