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practical visions for the future
(01-29-2020, 09:53 PM)Marypoza Wrote:
(01-29-2020, 08:48 PM)Eric the Green Wrote: If I were a politician or a diplomat, which I am not and have not the talent to be, I would try to arrange the situations in the Middle East so peace would prevail. Although I am not a politician or a diplomat, I am a visionary.

What I propose for Israel and Palestine:

Scrap the phony Trump/Kushner/Bibi plan. It is merely an annexation plan. Instead, engage the two parties again, and possibly get Jordan and Egypt involved too. A viable plan would be a 2-state solution. The Palestinian "right of return" would be restricted to those who can afford to buy their way back in and meet a quota, just like immigrants to the USA, Mexico or any other country are required to do. The Israelis would not accept a State of Israel with a Palestinian majority, so things should be arranged so that does not happen within the foreseeable future. 

Meanwhile, the borders should be put back to where they were in 1967, and the Wall should be demolished if peace is agreed to by all parties. Israeli settlements could remain, with these important provisos: Israelis living in Palestine would have the same rights as Palestinians still in Israel often have, and both would have even more. But they would become voting citizens of Palestine, not Israel. They would still be a minority, and no further state-sponsored settlements would be constructed in Palestine by Israel. These former Israelis could then become official settlers in Palestine, just as some Palestinians could return to Israel and become citizens of Israel. New  Israeli settlers in Palestine would just have to buy their way in and be accepted through a process and with quotas, just like immigrants can do who move to any other country. 

Israeli settlements could organize their own municipality and hire police forces to control any vandals or rebels who want to hurt them or their towns. But Israel should pay reparations to those families whose properties they have stolen and demolished so that they can buy new places to live in Palestine. No other bribe-like payments are needed, like the phony ones Kushner and Bibi propose. The new government in Palestine would be empowered to put down any terrorist acts or rebellions, as they have succeeded in doing in the past on the West Bank but not given any credit by Bibi for doing.

Jerusalem's Temple Mount should be an international peace park open to all and administered by the UN. Jerusalem should otherwise be divided according to the 1967 borders, and either nation can put its capitol and foreign embassies in its portion of the city if it wishes.

What about Syria? How do we get past the brutal dictatorship and disaster area it has become?

It will take a number of years until the USA, the UK, Iran and possibly Russia gets better leadership. I can see the possibility that Syria could be decreed by international agreement to hold fair elections in which all residents and refugees could vote for who replaces Assad-- who would not be allowed to run and would be deposed. Russia could keep its base and its alliance, and all ethnic groups would have full rights protected under this new democratic state. The international community, led by NATO, Arab states, the USA, the UN and Syrian fighters would have to enforce this agreement by invading Syria and deposing Assad. Minus his old allies, this should be a quick and easy task to defeat him, but it has to be done, since the monster war-criminal and illegitimate dictator Assad will not agree to any viable peace deal, or agree to give up any power. The Syrians would not initially be left to their own devices; international powers as well as Free Syrians would set up and enforce the new elections and stay in the country for a year or two.

Can these agreements and visions happen? I don't know, but it seems to me that the qualified leaders will need to come to this vision of mine if peace and justice are ever to be restored to these areas. Of course, these are not the only world problems by a long shot. Much will need to be done in the future years if and when we get competent leaders and people willing to support them.

What do you think of these plans? What about other intractible issues, like Afghanistan, Iran, Korea, Venezuela and other American trouble-spots, climate change, global corporate oligarchy, and so on?

-- there u go Eric, u want 2 invade Syria & take out Assad.. That is the regime change Tulsi was talking about. Like l asked u b4, in the other thread, who would u replace him with. The other side is just as bad, if not worse. All the players in this little drama r sordid af &  I'm guessing that's y the Govt ain't taking sides

Your plan 4 lsrael & Palestine sounds good.... but it's already been done. When the Palestinians got there own country Israelis were free 2 live there if they wished but the lsraeli govt uprooted them & 4ced them 2 move back 2 Israel. Bcuz within a week after the Palestinian nation came into being the Israelis started bombing & shelling the shit out of it, & continue 2 do so. If the 2 state solution is 2 work Bibi & his thugs have got 2 be held accountable.

We should stop throwing $ in2 black holes like Afghanistan & l ran. Definitely stop shooting their generals. Ditto Venezuela. Notice these countries all have oil? We need 2 implement the green new deal. & get rid of our oil jones. As 4 the corporate oligarchy- vote Bernie. Failing that- guillotines

I thought you might react to my Syria plan. That's OK. Remember I am advocating only a multi-lateral invasion after the real Syrian people and all international powers have all agreed on a solution. Assad must be invaded because he is an insane monster and he will not give up power. So, sometimes invasions are needed, but only under such circumstances that a peace is already negotiated between the powers and the people, including Russia. Assad could never be a party to any negotiations whatsoever. You would have negotiated with Hitler too, I suppose. Fool's errand. Monsters do not negotiate; they only kill.

But you have to stop believing Tulsi's lies to see the value of this plan. I admit it may be pie in the sky, and would probably depend on another leader besides Putin and certainly without Trump. But you repeat the lie that both sides are equally bad. NO. NO-ONE could be worse than Assad. HE IS A MONSTER OF THE WORST SORT! He killed 500,000 people just because they spoke out, or because they were innocent and he wanted to create terror. That fact is not disputable. No-one here or anywhere should repeat Assad's lies.

The good side is the people who rose up for freedom in the Arab Spring. Tulsi simply ignores them. They ARE good. That's why Obama gave them some aid. The jihadis only came in to help them because no-one else would. The real Syrian people who rose up bravely against Assad have been killed or chased out, but there are still some around somewhere including in Europe now who can negotiate this arrangement. We won't need the jihadis anymore. I think most of them have been killed too by now.

Respect the brave young people who rose up for freedom in the Arab Spring of 2011! Don't call them terrorists! That's why I am so offended by Tulsi, who calls them terrorists and doesn't even acknowledge the revolution.

The ideas I have given for the Israel-Palestine dispute have not been tried, or even been spoken of.

I ran away from Iran. We should run away from any war with Iran!
"I close my eyes, and I can see a better day" -- Justin Bieber

Keep the spirit alive;
Eric M

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