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(03-29-2020, 08:25 AM)Bob Butler 54 Wrote:
(03-28-2020, 10:43 PM)TheNomad Wrote: As in, we "tolerate" a lot of things happening to a lot of ppl in America and we just move on.  How many of us are going to implode from this that "America" will never be the same?

Has it occurred to you that that is the point of a crisis?  Cultures change.  They don’t change slowly and gently. But in four score and seven year fits and starts.  The old values fade.  New ones take their place.  We are never the same.

The affinity for the unraveling memes of, racism, elitism, and tribal thinking have long been tolerated by the red Republican conservative perspective.  The problems you describe have been with us a long time.  The difference is that with a likely Trigger finally arriving, there is a chance at a new Progressive Era and doing something about it.  Yes, there will be considerable financial stress resulting from Coronavirus.  But the stress is the result of the racist and elitist policies.  We have nothing in reserve when a problem arrives.  It all was given to the elites, and the governments ability to respond to the problem is capped by the small government / low tax / problems don’t exist mentality of the middle of the country.  The government has been more concerned with maintaining power and the economy than with people.

And if Crisis wars are rejected in this era of nukes, are you surprised that the new Trigger is also deadly and disruptive?  With values so extremely stubborn that nobody changes them without a major league reason for change, is it any surprise that you need a deadly profound agent to Trigger the change?

Welcome to the Crisis.  You don't expect a Crisis to be fun, do you?  If in the High everyone wants to lock into the new values, act materialistic, and stomp on people who want to make waves, do you now now why?

Have  considered our culture will change?  Did you mean from working in buildings made of glass and concrete to laying around in huts harvesting the grass for food?  Yes that was the purpose of the post.

Our modern world may not survive.  That isn't the generational crisis you long to teach about, that's collapse and revival no one (including you) is prepared for.

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