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A Malaise Speech for the Current Time
(04-02-2017, 11:55 AM)David Horn Wrote: This thread has more stripes than a zebra, so this is my last pass.

I think your first pass should have been your last pass as it seems to me that you really have no idea what you're talking about.

Quote:First, the European welfare sates are not falling. They are suffering from excessive immigration, and the various nationalists are running on that. None of them wants to kill their welfare state

Correct and incorrect at the same time. Europe is suffering from excessive immigration, immigration that was caused by two reasons (having a welfare state) and having a demographic winter at the same time. Weflare states are based on tranfering funds from productive members of socieity and giving them to nonproductive members of society. Historically this has been the elderly, the ill and children.

However, as demographic winter approaches we see that there will be few productive members of society from which to draw the funds--the natural solution sought for by globalist types is immigration. Never mind that immigration undermines the very monocultural basis on which a welfare state depends.

In short one can either have a welfare state or one can have open borders, and cannot have both at the same time.

Quote:Healthcare is not a commercial product. It's more like police, fire and military protection. I assume you aren't interested in having each of us buy our own security ... not at that level, at least.

You couldn't be more wrong on this. An individual's health is not a social good like not allowing a whole block to burn down in a city because someone didn't pay their fire company premium, or protection from foreign states, or the prevention of and prosecution of those who violate laws.

As such not only are drugs themselves commercial products but also the services of doctors and nurses are personal services--much like going to a barber. It should be noted that those services are not needed by the healthy, much like the bald do not require hair cuts.

Quote:You are talking apples and jackhammers here. They aren't even in the same family. Take homeowners insurance. It's fully predicated on the idea that the fire department will respond to fires and the police to criminal acts ... all paid with tax dollars.

Not even close to a comparison to apples and jackhammers. Apples and bananas is possible--a particularly slothful and ignorant person may choose to not go to the doctor to treat a condition, but if someone's house is on fire, even should he not be around to call the local fire department, his neighbors certainly will if for no other reason than to protect their own property.

The fact remains we are still comparing fruits.

Quote:Here we agree. We need the employer-based heath insurance system to end.

Indeed, and while we're at it we don't need to try things that won't work for our country either. Unlike when the European Welfare States were created (I'm going to include non-European Anglophone countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand here too) the US does not have now, an never has had a single ethnic and cultural entity.

I am however to throwing the doors open to allow the States to experiment as they please as to a solution. Quite frankly I don't think a one size fits all strategy is going to work here.

Quote:Healthcare is not a product. Period.

Incorrect. Healthcare is a product, while it could be argued that health itself is not. Provision of health care services is precisely that provision of services. Ergo a product.

I'm not going to bother with the rest of your paragraph but simply state again, if the free market can provide 20 different kinds of bread in unlimited quantities then it is also perfectly capable left to its own devices to provide all manner of health care options. Options that will appeal to every demographic.

Quote:Trump has talents, of a type, but they are ill suited to the job he has now. He is an adolescent with money and power. But if success impresses you, you may wish to consider Michael Bloomberg who started with less and made much more. He knows the Donald personally, and his opinion of him is not flattering. On the healthcare bill, Bloomberg said, 'The TrumpCare bill failed because of two traits that have plagued the Trump presidency since he took office: incompetence and broken promises. In my life, I have never seen an administration as incompetent as the one occupying the White House today.'

I don't have a very high opinion of Bloomberg and I lived in NYC for part of his tenure as Mayor. I didn't think anyone could make me long for the days of Giuliani but he did.

Bloomberg's statements as to incompetence about Trump feeds back into my previous link to Scott Adam's blog. As I stated previously calling a political enemy incompetent is politics as usual and derails the entire "Trump is literally Hitler, zOMG" narrative. It takes the sting out of the oposition without costing Trump much of anything. It also weakened Paul Ryan who is a major threat to the President's agenda.

Quote:It's worse. It tried to displace a viable but poor system with one that was worse and incapable of doing what it claimed to do.

You do realize that Ryancare was exactly like Obamacare minus the egregious mandates and fines, and without the medicaid expansion money right?

One could argue it was making a bad system worse, but if Ryancare wouldn't work, then Obamacare also wouldn't work (indeed isn't working).

Quote:He hires writers, and often forgets to pay them -- a habit he also has in his own business.

Citation needed.

Quote:I see no viable path to a second term and a narrowing path to completing this one. The blood's in the water and the other players have a stronger game. Trump is way out of his element, and there is simply too much sleaze for this to run the full course.

That is is wishful thinking, if anything Trump's hand is getting stronger by the day (of course that is coming from a systems thinking view point rather than a goal thinking view point--I refer you again to Scott Adam's blog). As for the President being sleazy--I thought being sleazy was a prerequisite for running for office. I mean HRC is many things, but not-sleazy isn't one of them.
It really is all mathematics.

Turn on to Daddy, Tune in to Nationalism, Drop out of UN/NATO/WTO/TPP/NAFTA/CAFTA Globalism.

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