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A Malaise Speech for the Current Time
PBR Wrote:If anything it is the Establishment that has a deep strategy.

Let us suppose that the Establishment does have a strategy--though the evidence for such a strategy is lacking--where has their leadership taken us?  Into the worst economic period since the Great Depression, which has lasted about as long with no end in sight.  A country that has gone from the top economy to one that is rapidly down grading, and an aging empire that is relying on the fact that it has a huge military and a reserve currency to back itself up. 

Indeed all it takes to constitute a threat to the Establishment is to hint at selling oil in anything execept Dollars:  Iraq, and Libya.  And two countries are already doing both and the US can't and won't do a damn thing about it:  Iran and Russia.  Why?  Russia we know is nuclear armed and I'd venture to guess Iran is as well--but even if they aren't they are allied with Russia.

In short the only tactic left for the establishment is thermonuclear war with Russia.  So unless you desire extinction for the species something else is required.

PBR Wrote:America has lasted as a federal republic for 115 years before Donald Trump became President and tried to act as a dictator.

For a dictator he sure seems ineffective if every other person who isn't screaming "Putin, Putin, Putin, and Muh Russia" is also claiming he's a dictator.  A decent dictator would have shipped you off to the gulags by now.  Hell, Hitler was a complete amateur and he had Dachau set up in months.

Is it just possible that Trump is not a dictator but just a President with a strong will--the Republic has had such presidents before, they come around when they are needed.

Quote:Donald Trump is not winning friends from the sorts of people who usually vote Democratic. He has nothing to offer and he has little cause for trust.

Uh...the election itself says differently.  The man broke the Blue Wall for the first time in DECADES!  Is he going to get the ideologue leftists in the Dim-ocratic party?  Probably not, but those people weren't going to ever vote for him anyway so they are irrelevant.

Quote:It does not want the sort of regime that either creates a pre-revolutionary situation that can lead to the overthrow of capitalism and it doesn't want an apocalyptic war that can destroy the assets that the Establishment needs for its profits and class privilege.

Let us assume that this statement is correct.  How then do you explain HRC, a woman whose been in Washington since at least 1992 (and arguably before then), who has high connections with the DNC (among others) and who was saber rattling Russia was the darling of the Establishment politicians and establishment economic interests. 

I can think of nothing more likely to create a pre-revolutionary situation than to have elected her (a sentiment that the vast majority of the majority of states agreed with), and it is almost certain that when her policies began to fail and fail big that she would attempt to distract the public with an apocalyptic war.  It is almost like the left is a death cult seeing their own annihilation.

Quote:A new serfdom might be optimal for a while for plutocratic elites, but fascism has a way of starting wars that leave industrial assets in rubble and puts asset-owners and executives at risk of dispossession if not imprisonment or execution.

Agreed.  Which is why most people in most states went with Trump.  We knew what we'd get with HRC.  Zombie Fascism that would Zombie walk us straight into a nuclear exchange with either Russia or Iran.  And I'm convinced that Iran already has nuclear weapons.

Quote:Donald Trump has put the Republican majority in the House at risk, and he has little to show for it.  The next Speaker of the House could be a Democrat -- perhaps as early as January 2019.

Unlikely.  The Dim-ocrats selected Nasty Pelosi as their leader.  The only person at risk in the House are Rinos--and I'll gladly sacrifice them.  Besides who better to bully then Dim-ocrats.  Offer a Health Care proposal and dare them to say no. 

Let us just suppose for a second that the Dims take the House.  They won't have it long--their ideology is in retreat everywhere.  Which is why it is they who are calling for censorship, and it is they who are calling for greater authoritarianism.

Quote:Things are not going according to plan for President Trump -- if he had a plan.

First this would require you to actually understand the plan.  I don't think you do.

Second this would require plans to actually go according to plan--which they never do.

Helmuth von Moltke Wrote:No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

PBR Wrote:By 2020 Americans will have an idea of what sort of President they want.

I agree, which is why if the Dims have a snowball's chance in hell of even getting close to the Presidency in that cycle they need to select someone who isn't an establishment politican.  Sanders is too old, and the Dim-ocrat bench is narrow.  I doubt that they will pull themselves together before 2024 as they are now doubling down on the very polices which got them booted out of office to start with--and of course the Zeds are coming up too and they are as right as Xers are.  Which is not surprising considering all their lives the nannying an pearl clutching has been coming from the left.

Do I have to refer you to Milo again?  Yes I get that he's a Brit--but he has his finger on America's pulse in a way you don't.  Probably because he goes outside.

I won't bother with the rest of your rambling as it is mostly typical whining from you.
It really is all mathematics.

Turn on to Daddy, Tune in to Nationalism, Drop out of UN/NATO/WTO/TPP/NAFTA/CAFTA Globalism.

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