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A Malaise Speech for the Current Time
(04-05-2017, 08:41 PM)Kinser79 Wrote:
PBR Wrote:Your citations of me are in blue, so that I can prevent some confusion between my old stuff and my newer contributions.

This would imply that you are actually contributing anything, which honestly you aren't.  If we wanted to hear the daily talking points from the regressive left we'd just turn on the idiot box.

Quote:Someone seeking dictatorial power and questing it ineptly? Nothing new. Maybe he does not even understand that his style of rule is dictatorial and has no clue that a majority of Americans now hold his style of government contemptible and unacceptable. He could be out of touch with reality as a solipsistic man-child.

Or you could just be using a word without understanding what it means.  It wouldn't be the first time...this year, this month or hell even today.

I know you're wedded to your "hurr Trump is literally Hitler" (which makes it ironic you call him a man-child since that is the type of argument I'd expect from a child--no scratch that I know children and they can and do make more mature arguments) meme.  Unfortunately at the same time Trump is incompetent.  So he is either a dictator, or he is incompetent.  He can't be a dictator and incompetent in the US simply by virtue of the inertia inherent in the existing system.

Careful there PBR your cognitive dissonance is showing.

Quote:Winning the Presidential election without winning the popular vote has happened before

Is totally irrelevant.  The president isn't elected by the popular vote, never has been elected by the popular vote, it is merely a coincidence that the popular vote often reflects the electoral college votes.  Just like it is merely a coincidence that the World Series is often won by the team that made the most runs.

Quote:<snip>Muh Russia</snip>

There is no there there.  But I do find it interesting that the DNC allowed their servers to be hacked by not adequately protecting them.  I know you don't understand how hacking works--a cracker who wants to hide his tracks is going to use a proxy server through a third country.  Russia happens to have lots of servers.  That being said HRC was never going to be President anyway.  Face it, your team lost, you had a horrible, corrupt candidate, who has the personality of a damp dish rag, for all appearances looks to be at death's door and is likely a criminal.

Quote:Like other demagogues from Robespierre to Lenin to Hitler to Peron, Trump offers a vision of an easy solution (just remove the scapegoats) and no practical means of achieving his goals. We are catching on to him, and when his solution becomes something like "Suffer for my holy greed, you contemptible peons" we resist.


If you didn't make regular typographical errors I'd have assumed by now that you are in fact a bot.  Tell me how many times today have you posted this very same paragraph?  No you are not catching on to anything. 

But I have caught onto something:

Trade Deficit down, American Workers winning

In before Odin says something about my source---the numbers were also in yesterday's WSJ.

Quote:<snip> Muh Fascism</snip>

You keep using that word and I don't think you know what it means.  I recommend at least reading the wiki...I've read the book itself.

Lets put it simply:  Trump is not fascist, and Trump Era America is not fascist either.  Why?  Because it does not conform to the very outline of what fascism is by the very people who created it in the last century.  And this doesn't even get into the fact that fascism is an obsolete ideology just like Marxism-Leninism.

Quote:We will never know what President Hillary Clinton would be like.

Well lets see:  The Neoliberals loved her, the NeoCons love her, she was the darling of both Wall Street and the globalist factions in both parties.  I think we can expect exactly more of the same bullshit we've had since 1992 at least and probably before then.

It wasn't for no reason that the only other candidate that the Dems had who had more than a snow ball's chance in hell at being elected was an ancient open socialist from a suspect religious minority.  It isn't also surprising to me at all that the Sanders crowd and the Trump crowd aren't all that dissimilar.

Internal polls from the campaign said that we picked up around 20% of Dems who were going to vote for Bernie had he been that party's candidate.  Having worked the campaign myself and having talked to people (IE leaving the house) I think that that number was skewed by people not wanting to reveal to us that they were Sanders people.  The moral of this story is that no one who was part of the establishment was going to win.

Quote:<snip>Muh Evil Empire America</snip>

The threat to world peace by the US was neutralized by not electing HRC.  I know you never step back from your canned responses to ever think about a different opinion, or that others might have one--suffice it to say this is how you look to everyone else.  The same also applies to Alphabet Soup too.  You may need to click on it to to see it in its full glory.  I don't feel like editing pictures for this forum.  Too much work, too little reward.

And no you aren't an Aspie either PBR.  First off to determine that you need more than to talk to some half-assed clerk for 10 minutes.  I believe Odin explained the battery of tests he had to go through to get his diagnosis for a disorder that is no longer listed in the DSM.  And it isn't listed for good reason--being an asshole isn't a disease.

Quote:Are you sure that she will be Speaker of the House?

In the unlikely event that the Dim-ocrats take the House in 2018 yes.  The leadership in the Parties go by seniority so unless San Francisco elects a Republican for some bizarre reason, or she chooses to not run then she would be Speaker in that unlikely event.  Also Pelosi is a War Baby cusper, and I judge her potential longevity on the basis of her over all health rather than her generation.  She's a damn elected official not a coal miner.

Quote:<snip>Muh Millennial Generation</snip>

The Dim-ocrats will have to offer them something besides identity politics, screaming racist and (word)-phobic at the top of their lungs at anyone who might have a slightly different opinion to the party line.  I think people are finding that Civic generations have little patience for it.  The Zeds are already trending right--hard right at that. To be expected though, to be punk rock to be rebellious one has to be right wing these days. And yes they will be voting in 2018, probably 2020 for sure. 

I know that there are some that claim that 9/11 was the cut off point of the 3T but they are both wrong and stupid--rather I would say that it is the cut off point for the Millennial Generation.  Boomers, Xers and Millies all know where they were when it happened and what they were doing--even if they were in school.  Zeds like my son have no frame of reference for a pre-9/11 world.  So I don't care what EtI says I say the cut off point is some time around 1998-1999 for the Millies, 2002 at the latest.

Quote:Offer a good health-care proposal

I have.  You it doesn't involve the state paying for it so you're not interested but here's my plan.

1.  Repeal Obamacare cause it is a failure.
2.  Medicare and Medicaide remain the same.
3.  No more employer based health insurance.
4.  Buy your own damn insurance plan (we can discuss details like pre-existing conditions and such like)
5.  ?????
6.  Free Enterprise and access to everyone who can pay premiums.

As for Trump's plan?  Well I don't think you know how the separations of powers work--and since he isn't a dictator--writing laws is on the back of Congress.

Quote:Nope. They are more flexible. Crony capitalism, the Trump way, is extremely inflexible and has only force and fraud (on occasion I like to lift phrases from libertarians) to make its exactions effective.

Yeah they're "more flexible" which is why they coined the term fake news to describe those who don't listen to their offical MSM mouth pieces. :Rolleyes Where did you lift this line from?  PravdaSalon?

Quote:It is hard to understand a plan that does not exist. One might as well try to discuss mythical creatures or oxymora. If one is an atheist one has little use for theology except to prove the non-existence of the Gods upon which theists depend.

If there is no plan then things naturally cannot go according to that plan or against that plan--seeing as it doesn't exist and all.  So which is it PBR you have to make up your mind.  Does Trump have a plan and it is failing, or does he not have a plan at all and things are just happening?

My contention is that there is a plan, and that while I see it as plain as day, and have described it repeatedly, and from where I sit everything is coming together exactly like it should.  I strongly suggest reading Scott Adam's blog.

You'll be amazed what a man trained in hypnotism has picked up on.  The same things I picked up on and I only ran my African Psychic scam for a few years as a young man--and I didn't even go to school, I'm merely a somewhat talented actor.

Quote:<snip>sports bullshit</snip>

I use sport metaphors but honestly I don't follow sport or know much about it unless we're talking about Soccer (I almost called it football but I knew you'd misinterpret that.  I couldn't give a tuppenny fuck about baseball.  You might as well be using a metaphor from golf.

Granted I used the World Series but unless you're European (which you aren't) you understand the basics of such a major series of major league game even if one does not give a tuppenny fuck about said sport.

Kinser, Trump has a mixed record.

1. The wall.  That's of course a plus.
2. Deporting illegal aliens. Another plus.
3.  Redo of NAFTA/CAFTA.  A plus.
4. The current crap about messing around in Yemen/Syria.  A minus.
5. Health care, [of course not health insurance.]  Another minus.
6. Go with a VAT tax instead of "border tax". Mixed. The medicine goes down better with a bit of sugar, OK? The VAT doesn't ruffle feathers near as much , but achieves the same goal.
7. Sports? Huh? Cool Rags doesn't give a rat's ass about sports. Rags has motor skills issues like Odin. If it ain't simple crap like running/weight lifting, Rags falls on his ass. Dunno if that's a feature, not a bug wrt Bipolar.

Wanna know where said rats' asses are, here they are: Big Grin

[Image: rats.png]

8. $hillery:  Oh Qod, oh holy fuck, why can't that hag just just move in with her coven? I have to go set something on fire in my wood stove to calm myself off every time I see that ugly mug.

9. Yeah, Russia.  Welcome to the Neo-McCartyism.  The Mideast interventions are far more of a greater threat.
I mean , why can't we just kick the oil habit and just leave that hellhole?

10.  MSM :  I agree, there Kinser.  The MSM may as well be Pravda.

Here you go, here's some nauseating shit from Hollywoody.

Oh, holy shit.  Why can't these morons shut the fuck up? You know, I think Hollywoody is in dire need of a 8.0
earthquake.  Damn, I hate these motherfuckers. May they eat shit in die in the rubble of their mansions. Angry

11. Uh, health insurance companies are a racket and and nothing but an additional layer of mindless paperwork.
Ask yourself, do health insurance companies add any value to the provision of healthcare? I'd also add that hedge funds that buy out some right to exclusive marketing of drugs are also a racket.  Like I'd say before, enact the VAT and use that revenue source to set the Medicare age to 0, repeal payroll taxes since we all know that the higher the tax, the more the activity is discouraged. If health insurance companies want to, they can just go off and offer "Medigap" stuff to those who want that. That way, folks can interact with the racket voluntarily.  I do have to ask, what do folks who have insufficient do? We can't afford premiums.  Some cost savings, I'd go with forbidding hedge funds from acquiring "exclusive rights".  Actually, I'd go further and allow folks to access overseas markets in getting their drugs and forbidding "exclusive rights", period.  There's a case where government regulation forces price hikes. So... all regulations that restrict market entry , move the goal posts wrt patents, and forbid import access need to go.
---Value Added Cool

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