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A Malaise Speech for the Current Time
With only two weeks to go until the 40th anniversary of Jimmy Carter's original so-called malaise speech, thought it would be time to collect some more thoughts concerning the current malaise which, I believe, is much worse than the original one if there indeed really was one. The cause and effect may be the same even though on opposite ends of the spectrum. For all of his faults, once Reagan was elected many would feel the excitement and the anticipation in the air. The bloom didn't fall off that rose until fairly recently, maybe by the time Bush II was in office. We now have in office one who has always found himself striving to be noticed, going back to his days as a celebrity real estate developer to time served as a reality TV host. There are many progressive also who no doubt are feeling enthusiastic and want to be recognized for their hard work and achievements. While Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren come to mind, there certainly are others without nearly that amount of face time, such as those working in neighborhoods to quell street violence. One such man was murdered over the weekend in Chicago.

Said feeling of excitement and anticipation with the savvy to lead us in a dynamic new inclusive direction is what I feel is sorely needed to bring about an end to the current malaise. Would love to get some more thoughts on this as we approach said anniversary.

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