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Science and Buddhism Agree: There is No 'You' There
(05-18-2016, 07:48 PM)TnT Wrote:
(05-16-2016, 01:43 PM)Kinser79 Wrote: ...    I'm kinda sexist when it comes to Drs.  I don't like being worked on by women, makes me uncomfortable.  Particularly GPs when I have to discuss male issues with the Dr.


My primary care doc is a young woman as are both of my dentists.  I've had men docs and dentists and have to say that my current providers are head and shoulders the best I've ever had.

At work, I partner with both men and women paramedics.  Just as a VERY subjective comment, I'd say that the women paramedics are about 60:40 bette than the guys.

My "sexist" comment is that it strikes me that women seem to be able to juggle many variables (multi-task) slightly better than guys. Maybe we get task-oriented, and perhaps have a better ability to prioritize and then focus on just the top one or two priorities where the women "focus" on most or all of the variables.
I have a woman doctor of Indian descent; she's wonderful so far, and rather direct. And, lots of nurses in these clinics to "work on me;" nothing remarkable about it.
"I close my eyes, and I can see a better day" -- Justin Bieber

Keep the spirit alive;
Eric M

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