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Full Version: New Archetype Names!
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The archetype names suck.  They can't be used with a straight face.  "Hero" alone means the archetypes would never be accepted by all four generations.  We need names that aren't insulting or overly flattering to any of the generations, and have some intrinsic relationship to the qualities of the generation. 

My proposals:

Hero-> Civic Generation

Artist->Sheltered Generation 

Nomads probably still works

Prophets-> Conflict Generation 

I don't really like "sheltered generation", and doubt "conflict generation" would work either, but its the best I've come to so far.  


David Horn made the suggestions on the Reddit of "unsettled" for Nomads and "adaptive" for the Artists.  

Imo unsettled isn't something X would willingly call itself, and I don't totally buy that the Artists are actually adaptive.  I agree in that the Artists are "institutionalists" that roughly go along with the norms of society, but that's what makes them squishy and unlikely to ever accomplish anything :Smile  .    

I think there may be some value in calling the Prophets the "conflicts" and getting society to go along with it, as it can help us prepare for the conflict they bring in advance.  For example, if Alphas start this year in 2021 we should expect the "summer of love" and wild '60's to hit in 2042, and shouldn't be surprised when it does.
My proposal is:
-Dreamers for Artists
-Moralists for Prophets
-Entertainers for Nomads
-Builders for Civics

Other name ideas:
-Romantic and Modernist saeculums for S&H's civil war and great power saeculum. My names have more worldwide appeal.
-Social Gospel awakening for the awakening of late 19th century
-I'd love to call Boomers and Millenials the Polarized and Onliner generation but it is waaay too late to change that
"Nomad" is the best description I have come across for that archetype. Better than "Reactive", which could be confused with "Adaptive".

I prefer "Civic" to "Hero" for that archetype. With the Gilded as an example, I believe that Nomads can be shoe horned into a Hero role.

Don't care much for "Adaptive", but prefer it to "Artist"-any archetypal generation can have artists, such as painter, sculptors, musicians, etc.