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Researchers Finally Confirm There Is Life After Death
(05-27-2016, 05:36 PM)Eric the Green Wrote: I have heard and read many reports from people who have come back from the Afterlife; usually within hours or days though. It's too late to return to the body after a certain point. Even those who have come back and brought it back to life have come back to life to a degree one wouldn't expect. But those who come back frequently report that their view on life has changed. A number of them have become new age authors and spiritual leaders. Others report greater compassion. Some speak of it in traditional Christian terms, such as those on Pat Robertson's show. But the main conversion is from materialism to spiritualism, regardless of a particular religion they may or may not have believed in.

There is no need to have these reports and beliefs conflict with science, since experiments can be done-- and have been. But it does conflict with pre-conceived materialist BELIEFS that there is no afterlife. I guess I am in the afterlife camp, but only because the personal experience reports and science experiments seem credible, and because I do not have preconceived materialist beliefs.
Science helps to understand the world around us. I explain it as an energy mass with memory. People ask me if I see them like the boy does in the sixth sense. I tell them that is a movie made for dramatic effect. I have yet to see one that looks damaged. That is the body that is damaged. Not their energy. I do not understand why some people cannot see, hear or feel that they are there. As for materialism, I do not understand why you seem to be on a crusade against it. Live and let live. They exist as do you and those of us in-between also. I understand completely why some would not believe. I mean, if you do not see an afterlife and someone explains it away it is like a fantasy. Given my experience with it...i wish it were. Some of my experiences I could have done without. Some are very much able to affect their surroundings and attack people. THAT I would love an explanation for. How does energy leave scratches, hand marks, turn handles, turn on lights and open doors when it at the same time can walk through walls? (Yes, i have seen this. Only once but still). For those who do not believe, the reason i call them ghosts is because they are in the shape of people. They behave like people. My first incident my future attacker spoke to me in a deep voice. He sounded desperate and angry. It was only later when we were looking at the lease we were to learn of a woman who died in this house...(another ghost) a woman who i had also seen previously who wore an outfit that fit that period she died in. I would wake up with large hand marks on my back, scratches, doors opening, kitchen floods and more all which i cannot explain. Science fails me on this topic. I may be materialistic in some ways. It is rational to believe in it somewhat at least. But there are other things it has yet to explain as i suppose it conflicts with its current beliefs. Something that i have seen many times throughout my life which helps me to know better at least in this regard. For me, seeing, hearing and feeling (my attacker's wounds) is believing. But it does leave open many unanswered questions. I will get people thinking I am crazy. It will not be the first time and certainly not the last. But to those people, I envy them. They have not been in my shoes to understand what I have seen and experienced. I wish I were them.
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