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  can you tell me is it possible view image on win 10
Posted by: imagebop - 3 hours ago - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Date Joined : 10.01.2019
Post Date : 11.09.2019


do you know is it possible view pbm on windows 8


check this



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  can you tell me how I can view windows on win 10
Posted by: imagebop - 4 hours ago - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Date Joined : 18.05.2019
Post Date : 15.09.2019


can you tell me is it possible view photos on win 10


check this




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  COVID-19 is the perfect 4T event?
Posted by: sbarrera - Yesterday, 12:32 PM - Forum: Turnings - Replies (7)

One thing that The Fourth Turning predicted is that in the 4T, private life would slow down while public life would undergo rapid change. The 3T prioritization of the needs of the individual would fall to the wayside as the need to protect the community became paramount.

Well, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly seems to have made this happen very rapidly. Suddenly we all must consume much less, put aside our needs for amusement and material satisfaction, and sacrifice our way of life in order to preserve the lives of our fellow citizens.

I'm thinking there are other things about the pandemic that are making it almost like the perfect event to usher in a 4T.

* The sudden need to respect government authority and for the crisis to be handled with a top-down approach.
* The sudden re-focus on family & domestic life, including the new need for child care at home since schools are closed.
* Celebrity culture (a hallmark of the 3T) is suddenly completely irrelevant.

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  How conservative are Homelanders really?
Posted by: Ghost - 04-02-2020, 03:32 PM - Forum: Homeland Generation/New Adaptive Generation - Replies (3)

This includes Dark Activists/Younger Millennials born from 1997 to 2002 too, as most sources group them as being Generation Z (the entire span) or Zillennials that lean Generation Z (the case for 1997-1998 or 1997-1999, depending on the person or source).

Since around 2015, I'm hearing this whole thing about them being "the most conservative generation since WWII" (unlikely, but not as unlikely as the other claim) or that they're going full-blown ethnonationalist/racial identitarian/Generation Zyklon (which seems extremely and laughably unlikely).

And then on other sources, they're said to be more liberal than even Millennials, especially on social views.

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  Millennials when old
Posted by: Blazkovitz - 04-02-2020, 04:49 AM - Forum: The Millennial Generation - No Replies

What sort of senior citizens will millennials be?

I think they will use digital technologies to cope with physical limitations of old age, living online the way they do today during the lockdown season.

Creating "safe spaces" for themselves to shield themselves from new things from the 2T they don't approve of.

Will they still hold to their Leftist views from the 4T?

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  When Did The "Crisis" Begin?
Posted by: TheNomad - 03-31-2020, 05:57 PM - Forum: General Political Discussion - Replies (23)

simple enough

the longer I live, the more I am aware that America has had a pretty-much continual crisis for a long time, with small periods of "well-being".  I graduated from high school in the 90s to economic downturn and Iraq War.  I graduated from college during the ".com boom" and just a few years later, it turned into a bust and America reeled from 911 and the Endless Wars still happening yesterday.  Then just a few years later was "The 2008 Thing" (w/e t/f you want to call it) and then for a few years everyone said "America is back again!" even while countless were on the street and living paycheck-to-paycheck and on credit card debt for essentials.

and now this virus.

title "CRISIS" meaning the 4th Turning Crisis.

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  Hey everyone nice forum :)
Posted by: Larrybop - 03-31-2020, 01:27 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Hey everyone nice forum Smile

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  Music during the 1T
Posted by: Blazkovitz - 03-29-2020, 05:38 AM - Forum: Entertainment and Media - Replies (1)

I predict that EDM and rap will die down as too mechanical, and melodious pop music will dominate the High. At the same time new genres will be born among the Adaptives, they will be underground during the 1T but will explode during the 2T.

Do you have in mind any artists that might give us clue what will the music of the new saeculum be like?

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Posted by: TheNomad - 03-28-2020, 10:43 PM - Forum: General Political Discussion - Replies (4)

The more thought I give to this, I am not sure how we can make it through, given the time frame some are projecting.

The average American (a good portion of the average American) was living paycheck to paycheck for a while now... possible back to 2008 with more joining that "train" as time went on.  Americans were relying on credit for basic essentials.  Americans were being thwarted by rising rent costs.  Americans were not easily purchasing property. 

We were in big trouble before this even happened.

Now, this huge stimulus package is supposed to save us.  Or, to "get us by" until we "open up" again.  These phrases are becoming insane.

The stimulus package will hold the "average American" over for maybe a month.  A family looking at rent coming and no job will not have good options.  When that initial one-time payment to Americans runs out, Americans will no longer have resources for basic needs.  Credit will start expiring for them, debt will increase beyond means to pay it.

These are cascading effects that I don't see "us" surviving.  No one is talking about this. 

I am not saying this to court fear or project fear.  It is just something that is becoming a "fact" based on these factors.  It may already be too late for the economy.  In a month?  I can't see it.  18 months?  I def cannot see it.  A year?  A year of THIS?

I still do not believe anyone should be sounding alarms ... but this is no alarm, it is the common sense FACE of what's going on.

All kinds of ideas and theories can be projected based on what I just said, however, we all talked about Americans "slipping through the cracks" for years.  People just vanishing off the radar, suffering in silence, homeless, paycheck-to-paycheck ppl, Americans falling out of the system and the American Dream is non-existent for them?  It seems like THIS, so many people are going to fall into the cracks, will there even be enough left in the end?

As in, we "tolerate" a lot of things happening to a lot of ppl in America and we just move on.  How many of us are going to implode from this that "America" will never be the same?

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  Dark Activists (1997-2002)
Posted by: Ghost - 03-28-2020, 06:30 PM - Forum: The Millennial Generation - Replies (3)

I think that the name "Dark Activists" is a perfect name for the final wave of the Millennial generation.

Why they should be called that:
*Many of the "activists" born during this time period, unfortunately, end up turning evil when they sway too far to a side. After or during the transformation, many may end up joining organizations like Identity Evropa, Generation Identity, FEMEN, or Antifa. Such examples include Nick Fuentes (an attendee in the Unite the Right rally and now an infamous white supremacist, born 1998), John Earnest (the Poway synagogue shooter, born 1999), and Shelby Shoup (threw milk at a college Republican, rumored to be a possible Antifa member, born 1999?)
*A lot of people in this age group may have been influenced by the Isla Vista shooting, the Michael Brown shooting, Gamergate, the rise of ISIS, and Brexit. Older members may have been influenced by Occupy Wall Street and the Trayvon Martin shooting. Younger members may have been influenced by the Trump v. Hillary election and the Unite the Right rally. These events may have led to "Dark Activists" becoming "Dark Activists".

Why the 1997-2002 span works:
*1997 and 2002 are probably outliers because during the September 2019 Climate Strikes, the impeachment of Donald Trump, the WWIII scare, and the coronavirus pandemic, the former was already out of college while the latter was still in high school. This makes 1998-2001 the core group.

*Usually lumped as Generation Z for not being at school or even born yet when 9/11 happened (which was when it turned from 3T to 4T), but never or rarely lumped as Homelanders due to being born before the establishment of Homeland Security.

*Their Silent Artist equivalent is most likely 1938-1943 (probably the target audience for the doo-wop and malt shop stuff in the mid 50's until the early 60's). Their Prophet equivalent is most likely 1955-1960 (elementary school during the rise of color TV). Their Nomad equivalent is most likely 1976-1981 (not at school yet or born the year after Reagan's victory in the Reagan v. Carter election, the event where it turned from 2T to 3T).

How it may not work:
*"Dark Activists" probably only describe a small number of people in this subgeneration. They are kind of like the black sheep of a family. Better names are probably "Zoomers", due to being the first ones to use Zoom as an educational outlet, or "Generation Katniss", due to probably being the prime audience for The Hunger Games.

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