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  Thermodynamics - Carnot Cycle - Anacyclosis (256 Years) - E8 Group Theory
Posted by: Mark40 - 01-19-2019, 09:43 PM - Forum: Theories Of History - Replies (2)

I work on a 256 square Matrix, and believe it or not by superimposing the 256 Cellular Automaton over it, we can predict 256 types of Human Psyche and the balance of forces inside the mind of people, if we ascribed a birthdate who reflect a spectral frequency on a yearly cycle.

The Human Psyche, as described by Freud, is divided in 33 parts who fit the model of the Kabbalist "Tree of Life".  The Sephiroth are Cybernetic Sub-Systems who can process Information like James Grier Miller had described in his Living System Theory.   (Ex: the Super-Ego appear to be an Output Transducer, the Ego act as an Encoder)

The 256 Cellular Automaton, who are also linked to E8 Group, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_Excepti...Everything), in the form of a 16x16 Matrix Octeract can be assigned to a Great Cycle (the Polybius Anacyclosis) whose lenght is 256 years.  

The Polybius Anacyclosis and the 16x16 Matrix forming 256 squares, obey the same Principles of Thermodynamics as the Carnot Cycle (with Four Turnings).  The succession of political ideologies and regimes, are ranging from the creation of the State, after a social revolution, where the Entropy had reach a maximum level, and it passed trough a Isothermal Expansion and Isothermal Compression Phase, till it fall again in anarchy.  

If you don't notice, the scientists who work in Genetics, Biology, Sociology, Psychology, Thermodynamics, Particle Physics, and many others fields are all working without knowing on the exact same Matrix and they are all playing on the same checkboard, so the Theory of Everything in Particle Physics transcend other domains of human knowledge by which we can unify all isolate fields of science.

People in society have the same conduct and obey the same laws as the 248 particles at the quantum level of reality. The psychology of individuals, all  the diseases they suffer, the political choice they make, are all obeying Symmetrical Patterns.  One square on the Matrix is diametrically opposed to  another, like all part of the Year (the Summer Solstice is opposed to Winter Solstice).  I will not post it here, but i think that if we could align the 3 billions letters of the Human Genome in a circular way following a yearly cycle with some chromosome lasting for 23 days or 11.5 days, we could be able to predict a Faulty Gene responsible for certain diseases following the hour the people are born. The disease among humans could be assign by Nature following a Yearly Cycle. Because there is 4 Nucleotides, like there is 4 Seasons, like there is 4 Jungian Functions, who can be translated along a Spectrum with Time Codes on it.

I know i already made a post on this, but now i have include more details...

The Strauss-Howe Generational Theory (with the Four Turnings) is very interesting, i hope you will continue to work on it, and it will reach a point where it is commonly accepted by the people as a reality.

I repost some images about Anacylosis and the Carnot Cycle (the Table stating the comparison between Particle and Human as well as the Thermodynamic Variables are not from mine they have been made by the Iranian-American Chemical Engineer Mohsen Mohsen-Nia and published in the Journal of Human Thermodynamics (JHT) in 2011 under this title: "A Thermodynamic Methodology for Evaluating Friendship Relations Stability").

Analogies between Carnot Cycle and Anacyclosis or Human Psyche and Cellular Automaton are made following my own point of view.

I  hope it will help others Researchers, as i'm not myself a scholar, but a loner and a freethinker.

[Image: a24028222113.jpg]

And the Human Psyche and Cellular Automaton distributed among people following a yearly cycle :

[Image: o69108857853.jpg]

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  The New Robber Barons
Posted by: beechnut79 - 01-10-2019, 04:45 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (18)

The attached story confirms what we have now known for a long time, and that is that we have a new era of robber barons operating in Silicon Valley. The enclosed article says a lot but in my opinion doesn't quite go far enough. It forgets to mention that while these companies such as Uber who use drivers boast about being able to be your own boss, that meme stops at being able to choose your own schedule. By all we should now know that where everything else is concerned they definitely operate on a "my way of the highway" credo. And if your ratings fall below a ridiculously high level, even if you have not done anything terribly wrong you can be "deactivated", their euphemism for "fired" with no reason given and usually no real grounds for appeal. Just ask any Uber driver this happened to, including yours truly. I have boycotted them ever since, and the couple of times I needed rideshare I used Lyft, but now I have heard that they really are no better in this regard. These companies have little regard for the drivers even though without them the companies would not exist. Same for those offering delivery of food, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.

Contrary to what we saw during the original robber baron era, there has so far at least been relatively little meaningful protest against these conditions although there have been occasional attempts which, like the Occupy movement, tended to be very short-lived. Will it take something as huge as the Bastille to create any sort of direction toward a kinder, gentler, Silicon Valley? And could it eventually go the way of Detroit? Are we able to build something of a movement with the answers gleaned? This inquiring mind would like to know.

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  Some Help?
Posted by: TheNomad - 01-10-2019, 04:58 AM - Forum: Society and Culture - Replies (1)

Looking for raw data information, anecdotal with or without sources (generalities for research later), what is the 'mirror' to the government chaos and division of right now 2019?

No politics, no leanings, no agreements or disagreements on what exactly is happening.

If we are entering the final Crisis phase of the saeculum, has this behavior been seen in the past, at either the WWII era, the Civil War, the Revolution (well, I can already see it in the Revolution, that was raw).

Nomenclature of similar things of gridlock to the extreme at past Crisis Turnings.

Lastly and Separately Please (please parse your response appropriately)

Is this the peak of the Crisis of this Saeculum?  Is this a Crisis of a soft nature?  A mild winter?  How many more years can this last, will a similar mind really replace the mind currently in office at the top?  It seems if there is to be a replacement, it will be swaying the opposite if what is now there.

**This** -- as in -- the notion Washington is utterly spent broken, it no longer works and the only way to go is up (as is the terminology of the text)

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Posted by: Bill the Piper - 01-05-2019, 08:04 AM - Forum: Generations - Replies (13)

People who stayed engaged beyond their generational time. I think they can be a beneficial influence, since they are the only ones to have already seen a turning before.

Conrad Adenauer (Missionary), basically re-created Germany during the last 1T.
Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher (both GI), did some tidying up after the Countercultural revolution in the early 3T. Although they represented the crudest type of Civic materialism, so I don't see them as good super-elders.
John Paul II (GI), led the Catholic Church throughout the entire 3T (1980-2005)
Benedict XVI and Francis (both Silent), Popes during the current 4T
Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden (Silent). Influenced the Democratic Party during the current 4T.

Also, which boomers do you see as being super-elders during the 1T?

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  How 'fifty years later' looked -fifty years ago.
Posted by: pbrower2a - 01-02-2019, 07:42 AM - Forum: The Future - No Replies

(the New Yorker)

Quote:Prophecy is a mug’s game. But then, lately, most of us are mugs. 2018 was a banner year for the art of prediction, which is not to say the science, because there really is no science of prediction. Predictive algorithms start out as historians: they study historical data to detect patterns. Then they become prophets: they devise mathematical formulas that explain the pattern, test the formulas against historical data withheld for the purpose, and use the formulas to make predictions about the future. That’s why Amazon, Google, Facebook, and everyone else are collecting your data to feed to their algorithms: they want to turn your past into your future.
This task, like most things, used to be done by hand. In 1968, the Foreign Policy Association, formed in 1918 to promote the League of Nations, celebrated its fiftieth anniversary by publishing a book of predictions about what the world would look like, technology-wise, fifty years on. “Toward the Year 2018” was edited by Emmanuel G. Mesthene, who had served in the White House as an adviser on science and technology and who ran Harvard’s Program on Technology and Society. It makes for distressing reading at the end of 2018, a year that, a golden anniversary ago, looked positively thrilling.

Two things are true about “Toward the Year 2018.” First, most of the machines that people expected would be invented have, in fact, been invented. Second, most of those machines have had consequences wildly different from those anticipated in 1968. It’s bad manners to look at past predictions to see if they’ve come true. Still, if history is any guide, today’s futurists have very little credibility. An algorithm would say the same.

Carlos R. DeCarlo, the director of automation research at I.B.M., covered computers in the book, predicting that, in 2018, “machines will do more of man’s work, but will force man to think more logically.” DeCarlo was consistently half right. He correctly anticipated miniature computers (“very small, portable storage units”), but wrongly predicted the coming of a universal language (“very likely a modified and expanded form of English”). One thing he got terribly wrong: he expressed tragically unfounded confidence that “the political and social institutions of the United States will remain flexible enough to ingest the fruits of science and technology without basic damage to its value systems.”

The predictions got the technology right (except on space travel) but not the institutions or social reality.

For example: the 'Picturephone' that Bell Labs was trying to invent that you may have seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey is quite
 commonplace, except that we now call it a Smart Phone. What was wrong with the prediction was that it would be a luxury item that would be used rarely, with the landline phone still getting the majority of use. It would be far easier to store data on computers than on paper... but dead-tree editions are still more enjoyable  ways to read a novel than a portable reader. More significantly, Big Business would be able to share data easily with each other and with government agencies, with the ability to exploit such knowledge for making business decisions such as hiring and firing. Hackers might do that, but Big Business cannot spy on workers to find out their politics, consumer purchases, and financial records without consent. (Social Security and IRS records are generally off limits.

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  Utopian and dystopian fiction
Posted by: Bill the Piper - 01-01-2019, 11:15 AM - Forum: Society and Culture - Replies (1)

Is occurrence of these related to the generational cycle?

We see very few new utopian fiction, and a lot of dystopian fiction during both 3T and 4T in this cycle. But I'm not sure it was the same way in the previous one.

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  Silents vs Boomers
Posted by: Bill the Piper - 12-30-2018, 11:30 AM - Forum: Generations - Replies (19)

Are these two generations really separate? Or were the Silents just Boomers born to early for the 60s awakening?

There is (or was) a lot of countercultural Silents. Lennon was born in 1940, Mick Jagger in 1943. Osho Rajneesh and Anthony de Mello in the early 1930s. All of these heavily promoted values associated with the boomers. On the other hand I'm not sure there are any quintessential Silent ideas. Unless lack of interest in Grand Ideas is a Silent trait?

As for leadership style, I think Berlusconi (1936) was very similar to Trump, although I still think Trump's leadership style is more Reactive. Likewise, Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber was more like an Xer. His (quite accurate IMO) analysis of Leftist psychology predates gen X criticism of political correctness, but is essentially the same thing. I also saw Charles Manson described as a proto-Xer by someone on this board.

There are seemingly lots of proto-Boomers and some proto-Xers, but where are all the typically Artistic Silents? Couldn't ours be a cycle with no Artistic generation at all, and a 30-year-long (1930-60) prophetic generation?

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  What are you reading?
Posted by: pbrower2a - 12-29-2018, 04:07 PM - Forum: Special Topics/G-T Lounge - Replies (1)

This was a favorite thread in the now-defunct New York Times forums. We can here discuss significant books that we are reading, not limited to those with obvious connections with Fourth Turning theory. Please discuss books that will be of interest to other posters, which can obviously include literary classics, biographies of important figures of culture and history, general history, political theory. So go ahead and discuss any reading projects underway. 

I got a $50 gift card from a used-book dealer and got a literary gold mine:

The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann

A Team of Rivals, Doris Kearns-Goodwin

Peter the Great, Robert Massie

the autobiography of Ulysses S. Grant

As I can read only one book at a time, I have started on The Magic Mountain. My brother, who gave me the gift certificate, has gotten a start on the Grant biography.

Please discuss books that other people might want to read and discuss. No semi-pornographic novels, technical manuals, or conspiracy
theories -- please. Books off internet sources in the public domain are welcome. That is how I had Les Miserables as a reading project.

Previously read -- and it did not take much time, but it did get me thinking while it jerked some tears was Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Match Girl, a short, concise, and powerful tale of child neglect and exploitation.

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  Generations in the Social Media Era
Posted by: sbarrera - 12-27-2018, 03:44 PM - Forum: Generations - Replies (3)

I've been thinking about the social media era and how it has been a different experience for different generations.

As an Xer, social media reconnected me to a lot of people in my past. It allowed me to make a mid life assessment of myself in relation to peers I had not seen in years or even decades. It has felt like being folded back into my past. How might it be different for other generations?

Boomers have experienced an even greater technological leap than Xers in terms of what can be done with smartphones/constant online presence compared to how they lived in childhood. I do know some Boomers who are more active on social media than I am - they tend to be the ones who travel a lot, which they can do because they are retired.

Millennials remember the world before smartphones and social media, but they have encountered this era at a younger age - with different life priorities. 

Homelanders are the ones who are fully in the social media age. Their entire lives are recorded on Facebook - from when they were in the womb to the latest Christmas pictures.

So what is it like for each generation encountering the age of the social at their particular age location in history?

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  Millennials Are Killing Movie Endings
Posted by: sbarrera - 12-21-2018, 10:28 AM - Forum: The Millennial Generation - Replies (2)

From my blog - another thing that Millennials are ruining.

I’ve posted recently about Millennials and how they’ve taken over YouTube and invented new genres of video content. One common pattern is to analyze and pick apart other creative content, like popular music and film. Everything gets rehashed so quickly one must be wary of it being spoiled before one even gets around to consuming it in its original form.

Sometimes these channels are silly parodies – I’m sure you have been subjected to videos such as this one at some point. Others are serious and intelligent; I’ve already mentioned in a previous post the excellent set of video essays at Every Frame a Painting

One particular way that film gets worked over on YouTube channels is through proposing alternate plots and endings. It’s almost as though the movie ending is another one of the aspects of modern life that Millennials are ruining.

An example of the sillier sort is How It Should Have Ended. But even though this is a parody channel, it often exposes movie plot problems in insightful ways.  A serious example is Nando v Movies, which focuses on blockbuster hits like the recent massive wave of superhero films. The creator’s mind holds the treasure trove of pop culture knowledge characteristic of the modern film geek.

Here are a couple of Nando v Movies videos where he rewrites the recent Wonder Woman movie. I enjoyed that movie, but have to agree that it was not excellent. It’s hard not to think that the imagined version described below would have been much better. Sorry if this ruins the movie for you.


Original link- http://stevebarrera.com/millennials-are-...e-endings/

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