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  Смартфон leeco предложив скидку в 5 тыс
Posted by: AlexVoronoa - 06-20-2017, 05:58 AM - Forum: Turnings - No Replies

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Поглядеть его на Lenovo Yoga Tablet 28”для Дроид вы не можете. Как то издавна словосочетание «вирусная прошивка» могло испугать обывателей и начать долгий здравый хохот у знающих людей. Сейчас всё обстоит с точностью по напротив: житель ослабел, а спецы, против, шибко напряглись. Заполучить приспособление из Китая с прошивкой, в которую станет встроен один либо некоторое количество «троянцев», крадущих данные и/или демонстрирующих собственнику аппарата рекламу искреннего содержания стало наиболее чем действительно. Заказать с китая телефон казань

Не веруете.Напрасно. К образцу, телефон InFocus M810T, попавший в нашу лабораторию из прямиком из популярного онлайнового магазина. Хороший установка, ежели бы не одно «но»: в прошивке, с которой он прибывает из магазина, известно 2 шпионских прибавления. И ежели инфицированным калькулятором разрешено элементарно не воспользоваться, то инфицированное прибавление для звонков вам этак либо по другому швырнуть нужно. смартфоны zte Казань

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  The Maelstrom of Violence
Posted by: pbrower2a - 06-18-2017, 12:54 PM - Forum: General Political Discussion - No Replies

The attempted assassination of Representative Scalise suggests now that both people on sides of the political divide are now prone to violence. To be sure, the rhetoric worsened when Obama was President, and the Right was first to act violent.  But so far the Right has stopped at beatings, body-slamming, and other degrading abuses. But not shootings. The shooter had a list of Representatives in the self-described (and hypocritically named) Freedom Caucus.

James T. Hodgkinson had personal run-ins with the law that until recently had no connections to politics. People who knew him in the Sanders campaign thought him 'mellow, quiet, and reserved'. But electoral campaigns generally bring out the best in us, as there are people who might lead someone away from violent deeds. Besides, electioneering is ordinarily an exercise in optimism and not in despair.

I am guessing that should American elections become easy wins for Republicans and exercises in futility for Democrats, then American politics becomes as much a sham as politics in China. Republicans might allow Democrats to have some power in cities and a small number of states, but that will be it. Republicans will not lose any election that they aren't willing to lose. A key to getting ahead, as in getting a college education, a home loan, advancement beyond the third-lowest rank in the Armed Forces, a business loan, or having a chance at a non-menial job will be active participation in Republican-led youth groups. Don't like that? Maybe you might want to get a college scholarship in a country with a declining population.

I also can imagine that the Republican leadership will seek power in police repression, and that the State could try to establish the usual methods of suppressing opposition that one sees in fascist, Commie, and Ba'athist regimes: torture chambers, labor camps, execution pits, and abuse of psychiatry. Lobotomy, anyone? Hell, no!

I am not a violent person, but I am not going to any torture chamber, concentration camp, or lobotomy clinic. If things get bad enough, then I may take a wintertime hike in southern Arizona, letting a star be my guide: Achernar or Canopus near the horizon. In summer I might improvise a raft to cross into Canada, following Altair in the east or Capella in the north -- if taking a jetliner is out of the question.

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  Top 10 NEWS STORIES That Defined Generation X FOREVER
Posted by: taramarie - 06-14-2017, 12:32 AM - Forum: Generation X - Replies (1)

WOOOW! Shocked at how boomers are depicted here on how they treated xers. That is so different....

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  Is Terry McAuliffe the man?
Posted by: Eric the Green - 06-13-2017, 02:48 PM - Forum: General Political Discussion - No Replies


Can a Clinton friend be a true progressive? Can he shake off the connection, and does he have the stuff and background to win?

Well, as you may know, he scores at least 11-2 on my horoscope system, and maybe even better if he was born in the morning. The only possible candidate who scores higher is "America's new mayor" Mitch Landrieu at 15-2, whose style also echoes Bill Clinton's (who scored 21-3 with Jupiter rising).

McAuliffe looks past the Clintons, toward 2020
The Virginia governor is revving up his fundraising machine to boost Democrats — and his own prospects.
06/13/2017 05:16 AM EDT

[Image: ?url=http%3A%2F%2Fstatic.politico.com%2F...m-1160.jpg]

As for Hillary Clinton, Terry McAuliffe said she never asked him to join her PAC. He said he didn’t even know what it was called. | Bridget Mulcahy/POLITICO

Terry McAuliffe thinks Hillary Clinton has said enough — which is where he comes in.
He loves her. He feels for her. He believes her 2016 campaign was sunk in part by Russians actively “destabilizing our democracy,” aided by “treasonous” Americans advising them.

He also thinks she needs to stop talking about it.

“We, as a party, need to understand what happened,” the Virginia governor said in the latest episode of POLITICO’s Off Message podcast. “My advice would be to Hillary, ‘There’s enough people that will do that and get that information out.’”

McAuliffe still talks to Bill Clinton every day, sometimes several times a day. They’ve talked in passing about a White House run. The former president has said he’s supportive of whatever his friend does but keeps urging him to focus on finishing strong in Virginia.

As for Hillary Clinton, McAuliffe said she never asked him to join her PAC. He said he didn’t even know what it was called.
“What is the name of it?” he asked.
“Onward Together,” he’s told.
“Terrific,” he said.
“Like ‘Stronger Together,’” he’s reminded.
“Got it,” he said. “Very clever.”

McAuliffe has his own PAC, and his own plans: throwing himself behind the winner of Tuesday’s Democratic primary for the job he can’t run for again (which would be an important way of protecting a record he’d want to run on), spending all of next year campaigning for Democratic gubernatorial candidates around the country (which just might give him important beachheads ahead of 2020), urging his party away from the purity-test purge that’s all the rage these days (which would help protect him from the inevitable attacks that he’s not a true progressive, in touch with the presidential base).

“I’m trying to run a progressive state, putting progressive values out there. At the same time, making sure everybody has an opportunity for a job,” McAuliffe said in the interview. 

“I call it more values and a moral structure than labeling anything. The values of open and welcoming: pro-women’s rights, pro-gay rights, pro-environment, anti-gun. Those are a value system. You know, that’s who I am.”

No one should be talking about 2020, he said. He has said he’s making the case for Democrats in 2018 that just happens to be the case for doing what he did. Clinton pitched herself as a progressive who gets things done; McAuliffe is going with a progressive who gets people jobs.

“What I’m proud of is that people who would never listen to me on these topics before are now open to listening to me because the metrics, the job creation, they’ve had to say, ‘Well, I guess he’s right,’” he said.

But mention to top Democrats the White House run McAuliffe is cooking — by his account, still very much in we’ll-see territory; according to another insider, almost down to the question of whether to announce in December ’18 or January ’19 — and the word “Really?” gets thrown around a lot. Bill Clinton’s best friend? The guy who went into business with Hillary’s brother and ended up under FBI investigation? Who’s a one-name D.C. character, who already had a ridiculous nickname he was using himself 30 years ago: “Mary,” he “coos” in a 1987 Maureen Dowd column about the manic fundraising that had already made him Jimmy Carter’s national finance director at 23, “it’s your main man, the Macker. Got any wild dates this weekend?”

Separate him from the happy huckster insider caricature, and it makes more sense: a popular swing-state governor with a record to run on, a business background, and more connections to donors than any first-time presidential candidate ever. And no one outside the circles in which he’s famous for being the man working over donors or starring in Clinton conspiracy-theory fan fiction knows who he is (though it is true he had a chicken named “Hillary” who died right before the election, replaced by “Hillary Jr.”).

“Anyone who first knew him 30 years ago, you would have said great fundraiser, great guy. No one would have thought of him as a plausible president,” said Bob Shrum, the Democratic consultant who knew him then, when they were working on Dick Gephardt’s 1988 campaign. “The governorship of Virginia has changed him.”

And then there’s the other thought running through Democrats about 2020: “Maybe we need our own Trump.”

He’s not the guy you can see as president of the United States, goes the thinking, and that’s exactly why he needs to run. As for the Clinton connections, he may not want to run Hillary Clinton’s third presidential campaign, but he can run only so far. They couldn’t be closer. He guaranteed the mortgage on their house in Washington.

“Another candidate might not be able to get away with that, but Terry is such a big personality and so engaging, optimistic and happy, I see how he could pull that off,” said a veteran of the Clinton orbit. “He doesn’t have the ideal bio from which to run, but he’s a good athlete.”

McAuliffe can be both kooky and confrontational, like when he sparked a mini-blowup by offering up in an interview during last year’s Democratic convention that Clinton would of course reverse herself and back the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal once she won, or the story he tells about confronting Trump at the National Governors Association dinner at the White House in February: “I looked him face to face, four inches from his eyeballs, and said, ‘Everything you have done has hurt my economy.’”

Back in his Democratic National Committee chairman days, it was a reliable laugh line that he’d call every congressman “the greatest congressman in the country,” and he said he enjoys still being that guy. He takes credit for getting House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi involved in the fundraising roadshow they’ve been doing together with Eric Holder on behalf of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, saying he called her with the idea the day after Clinton lost, though both had already been part of a preliminary redistricting pitch to donors in Philadelphia the afternoon before Clinton’s convention acceptance speech.

He exaggerates. He shoots his mouth off. He throws wild pitches.

He’s fine with people calling him a sort of Bizarro Trump, though he doesn’t get the reference.

“I have, luckily, boundless energy. I think everything is great. But yeah, I have fun,” McAuliffe said. “Listen, too many people are lemon suckers in politics today. I mean, at the end of the day, I have been successful by motivating people. People want to be with winners, not whiners.”

In 2013, McAuliffe got more votes than any Democrat ever running for Virginia governor, but nonetheless squeaked out a 2.5-percentage-point win, despite outspending Ken Cuccinelli by $30 million and running right after the government shutdown that dented many Virginians’ bank accounts.

Republicans’ first opposition research presentation on him, from 2013, is as accurate now as it would be in 2020, from the “28 lies, 21 half-truths, 2 overstatements, 2 mostly-false statements” identified in his 2008 memoir “What a Party!” to the section “Special emphasis — McAuliffe the Businessman” and the statement “McAuliffe insists he’s not running for governor simply because he had time on his hands once Hillary Clinton’s campaign derailed.”

Then there’s the presentation’s “What Manner of Man?” section that captures how, despite McAuliffe driving them crazy, Republicans can’t help but like him at least a little. The bullet points:
• Restless, obsessive — routinely stays up all night with Bill Clinton
• Sleeps no more than four hours most days
• Seven or eight cups of coffee each day
• Obsessive about golf
• Claims to have run a three-hour marathon (1980)
• Starts with a beer, before moving to something stronger

[Image: ?url=http%3A%2F%2Fstatic.politico.com%2F...llo-ap.jpg]

Under “Limitations,” the document reads, “Be alert to McAuliffe pals in GOP ranks,” identifying those as “golfing buddies, ex-party chairs, anyone whose support can be bought.”

“Terry McAuliffe is Bill Clinton without the women,” said Chris LaCivita, who was the general strategist for Cuccinelli’s campaign. LaCivita meant that as sort of a compliment, sort of not.

“They don’t know what to make of me,” McAuliffe has often gushed.

McAuliffe likes bragging about the record number of vetoes he’s sent back to the GOP-dominated state Legislature and said he’s proudest of restoring voting rights to felons who have served their sentences. He’s eagerly joining national fights, joining the state Climate Alliance formed after Trump announced the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord and pardoning a woman who faced deportation after she was pulled over at a traffic stop because, he said, he wanted to make a statement even if he couldn’t stop the federal government from kicking her out.

The Virginia Republican Party is leaning in, accusing him of pardoning the woman as a ploy for George Soros’ affections ahead of 2020 to try to rustle up some more dollars. So, “If the thought of President Terry McAuliffe makes you sick to your stomach give $5, $10, $25, or $50 to stop him now.”

Just wait until they dig into his record as governor, LaCivita said. Just wait until they smack him with those Clinton ties to voters, while he’s working over his image with Beltway reporters. He won’t seem so enticing then.

“Politics doesn’t happen in a vacuum,” LaCivita said. “If you were to ask a blind question on a poll, what do you think of this, does it sound good? Of course it sounds good. But so does ice cream every day for a week, until you’ve eaten it for seven days. It certainly sounds good, but then you’re stuck with the end result.”

And Democrats are still processing the idea of this themselves. The guy who’s chased them down at parties and on the phone, running for president?

“What person,” said Jay Jacobs, the megadonor and former New York State Democratic Party chair, “who runs for president doesn’t call me for money?”

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  Planetary Dynamics
Posted by: Bob Butler 54 - 06-10-2017, 08:07 AM - Forum: Religion, Spirituality and Astrology - Replies (8)

(06-09-2017, 04:43 PM)Eric the Green Wrote: I tried to move this discussion, without luck so far.

Did you try creating somewhere to move it to?


In planetary dynamics, you seem to have gathered a number of world views, a number of ways of looking at the world.  Each one is associated with a color and a planet.  So far, so good.  Then each has been valued for how advanced or evolved it is.  You get to judge.  From my perspective, the more a world view agrees with your own, the higher or more evolved it is purported to be.

People with different world views will select and evaluate world views differently.  With my leaning towards evidence and science, I’d evaluate world views from the angle of evidence, of what can be repeatedly and reliably observed.  Warren Dew is way into economics, or a certain personal angle on economics, and also might select and evaluate different world views from an entirely different perspective.  Cynic Hero is into a military and direct authoritarian politics.  He would consider certain old ways of thought as important and true, while dismissing some more modern values and perspectives as false paths.

Thus, the structure of planetary dynamics can be a tool to help an extreme partisan not listen.  If someone views the world differently than you, you can peg them with a color and a planet, say that this viewpoint is not evolved, and reach for the strawman.  You have seemingly closed notions of each worldview.  You will go for the strawman rather than the argument actually being presented.  All people from a given planet are alike, so why listen to them?

You don’t much listen to me, but you’re dead set certain of what color I am.  Guess what?  I’m not a color.  My world view doesn’t much match your personal way of looking at things.

And that’s typical.  An awful lot of us have very strong world views.  An awful lot of us have concocted personal schemes for defending their world views.  A lot of us have schemes to dismiss or disparage inconvenient stuff like facts that might be brought against our perspectives.  Most such schemes don’t precisely match the structure of planetary dynamics, aren’t so blatant in embracing certain ways of thought and rejecting others.  And yet, each personal world view will focus on one way of looking at things while rejecting others in conflict.

Many (most) posts on this forum might be written to say “this is how things are.”  I can’t read things that way.  I read, “this is how my world view perceives things to be.”  Posts don’t propose truths.  They expose perspectives.

As one aside, at one point I was much into the Golden Dawn’s spin on tarot and the tree of life as an occult system for understanding and predicting the world.  I saw the four suits reflecting types of human activity or types of energy.  For example, the suit of swords exemplified conflict and strife.  In each minor arcana a story, a perspective on the world was echoed.  You start with the pure and unrefined energy of the aces.  A path was drawn from this initial state to the completion, the end of the path, shown with the tens.  This completions show both accomplishment and achievement, and a flaw and death, an approaching failure and ending.  The major arcana told of a similar but extended path, lacking the flawed ending.  ’The World’ shows a stated of completion and enlightenment, showing the end of an enlightened mystical path, while lives lived pursuing the world views of the mundane pursuits were depicted as empty.

I found it positive that the minor arcana suits were more or less equal, that they showed different aspects of human culture and activity, while not judging that economics (Dew) is inherently superior or inferior to the military (Cynic).  At the same time in the story line of ace to ten, I saw a theme, a judgement of how the world operates.  That can be construed as a bias in the deck, an assumption of how the world works, or of how one should best view it.  One starts with bright optimism and energy (aces), but ends, perhaps having achieved one’s goals, but empty.   (Tens.)  This not so subtle repeated theme that to me sets the tone of the deck and everything that might come from it.

Any world view, whether deliberately or not, has such biases or themes.  Finding, absorbing, respecting and learning from such themes is a large part of the exploring anyone’s world views.

Your planets do divide human endeavor, perspectives and energy into many flavors, much like tarot suits.  OK, cool.  However, the value of each perspective is prejudged.  The result is a scheme for advertising your own view of things while disparaging or rejecting that which you do not like.  ‘You remind me of this color, or that planet, sneer, spurn, insult.’

One key difference is in embracing the approach of Newton, I have come to look for repeatable evidence.  While religious and mystic tradition supposes wise minds without brains, what I saw in practice was not wisdom.  ‘Christian coincidence’ and similar occult induced weird happenings were more emotional than wise.  I saw a similar pattern in parapsychology results.  I pursued not what made me feel warm and cozy inside, but an approach which explained what I had actually experienced.

Anyway, I’d expect from anyone who cares about seeing and understanding the world a scheme for defending one’s own scheme.  It seems that planetary dynamics is just that, a series of judgements of anyone who doesn’t think like  you.  As such, I consider it a poor tool if one is seeking to understand things naturally.  The purpose seems to be to protect and defend, rather than to grow.

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  Micro 4T?
Posted by: Dan '82 - 06-09-2017, 08:56 PM - Forum: Turnings - Replies (9)

Has it started yet?

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  Netiquette Rants
Posted by: X_4AD_84 - 06-08-2017, 10:47 AM - Forum: Technology - Replies (2)

I think sometimes we all need to vent.

I'll start.

One thing I can't stand is shitty email thread discipline.

Let's say someone sends an email out, asking a question / status / etc.

I read and respond to the mail, replying all, with a well crafted response that includes additional direction to others on the thread.

Then .... along comes that guy or gal.

They don't respond to my response, they respond to the initial mail. What's really bad is when that person's mail contradicts what I wrote, or causes confusion by being less clear. What's even worse, is, when I added people to the thread in my response, then, that guy or gal adds a different, possibly overlapping, possibly different group.

This is how threads branch, and sometimes, result in a absolute, clusterfucked up, shit storm.



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  Comey testimony
Posted by: pbrower2a - 06-08-2017, 10:25 AM - Forum: General Political Discussion - Replies (22)

Thread for the discussion of the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey. The public testimony is on Thursday morning (June 8); the closed testimony, likely to involve classified data. will be held this afternoon.

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  New paradigms in science and knowledge
Posted by: Eric the Green - 06-07-2017, 07:45 PM - Forum: Religion, Spirituality and Astrology - No Replies

I thought of something to add to the discussion about quantum theory I was having with Bob, because I mentioned he might still be in the Saturn/brown stage in planetary dynamics in regard to his Newtonian views (the Saturn era being the last stage of the agricultural age, the age of kings and early western science). He claims Many Worlds is an interpretation of quantum theory that takes us beyond the Newtonian paradigm, and that emotion is a factor in the outcome of probabilities.

Plato and Heidegger as philosophers don't agree on a whole lot, but they both said that "care" is a determinative factor in human reality, at least. Care is an emotion, in a sense, and it could also be called love. Consciousness, which is recognized as a factor in updated Copenhagen versions of quantum theory, entered quantum theory as "the observer" which affects experiments. Care is a conscious emotion, and more than this, it is intentional. It conveys interest, or purposive behavior.

June distinguished "emotion" from "feeling." The latter includes love and caring, which are identified with F-feeling on many test questions of MBTI. People with strong F are those who care about relationships and people. Emotion, Jung said, was more reactive; an automatic physical expression. But IF emotion is taken to mean something like care or love, then Bob's physics enters territory compatible with existential and essentialist philosophy and with mystical awareness, in which the universe may be uncertain and spontaneous, but not "random," because there is intention within it.

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  We Need Militant Nationalism
Posted by: X_4AD_84 - 05-26-2017, 10:14 AM - Forum: General Political Discussion - Replies (7)

The Nationalism I refer to is not based on:
- Ethnicity
- Political Party
- Race
- Sex
- Sexual orientation
- Nationality of origin

Or any other personal characteristic.

It is based solely on a deeply held belief in formative principles and a life long commitment to defend and uphold the US Constitution.

Imagine the formations which are possible based on this type of Nationalist concept. We could have a Citizens' Army that includes everyone from Communists to Constitutional Conservatives. The only exclusions would be for Totalitarians and others who do not believe in:
- Rule of law (and specifically, the Anglo-American constructs inherited from English Common Law)
- Human Rights
- The Scientific Method
- The "Arrow of Progress" described in this Forum by Bob Butler.
- Equal Opportunity
- And other classically American freedoms and positive rights

There are among our great land promising Arch Generals who are not caught up in the dark, negative patterns we have witnessed latterly in the 2016 Election and in or around the Trump Administration, White Nationalism, Duginism, Alt-Right, etc.

The ability to marshal greatness is not limited to any particular political group or set of them. There is an element in the human spirit which can align with marshaling of the good tenets of human progress and natural rights.

Let us begin the process.

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