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  It Feels Like The 90s
Posted by: TheNomad - 9 hours ago - Forum: The Future - Replies (1)

I will throw it out there.  Since I was alive and pretty much an adult by that time, right now feels an awfully lot like the late 80s/early90s when everything seems to have gotten turned on its head.  The familiarity I am speaking of I will direct that toward the current president having been an aberration (which I said a long time ago) and may be removed in the future election.  The climate right now is sort of on fire a little bit.  It seems many people are angry and not just seething but striking out in ALL ways as if a bridled, frustrated beast of the field trying to buck loose from chains.

Could it be everything will soon shift?

I cannot say what it may look like, but I think the most major indicator of public mood "feels" a certain way that cannot be immediately or authentically quantified. 

Since the reason I come to this thread is to exact the ideas of the 4th Turning and Generations books, I am using those ideas to "see".  This is something I can gauge because I was there and present at the end of the 1990s in America.  There is no real explanation for it even now.  It is a general mood that things are stagnant and need a cleansing.

Could this be a one presidency like Bush?

Based on the "flip-flop" patterns we make as humans (I believe is the basis of the Turning theories) we get too much of something, or not enough of something else, then we need to rotate back again.  It seems TO ME clear this is what's happening.  It feels like what I know of the late 1960s and 1970s (but was not "there" to make a coherent personal analysis even by memory), and feels kind of the same "mind" or "mood" as the 1990s, and now it feels that way again.

Genera outrage and panic, I think there are more of that <--- than the opposite with people being content and reasonable.  We are still building toward a more huge fluctuation, but I am not sure I can say what that looks like.  Perhaps just a REALLY strong version of what I have described, because I was nowhere close to existing in the last comparative Turning which was WWII and New Deal era.  I cannot speak to that because I was not there to know what anyone was "feeling".

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  Political compass for the21st century
Posted by: Bill the Piper - 09-20-2018, 05:40 AM - Forum: Theory Related Political Discussions - Replies (16)

I think the 20th century categories we typically use to think about politics are obsolete. We need something new. Many people are familiar with Nolan's chart, but I'm not satisfied with it because it measures how much government action does one want, rather than goals one wants the government to achieve.

Today there are five main political orientations, and I choose to use colours as metaphors for them. Each of them prioritizes certain principle.

[Image: kompas.gif]

Purple prioritizes self-expression. Fundamentally it’s individualistic Leftism. It sprung from either the countercultural movements of late 20th century or progressive varieties of Christianity. Main concern of this orientation is to help the victimized wherever they are: oppressed minorities, animals, the environment itself. Its preferred economic system is either democratic socialism or capitalism with strong welfare system. Purples are sometimes called “bleeding hearts”.

Red prioritizes economic equality. Unlike purple, it is essentially tribal. Reds believe the state should be a tool of organized working class, hostile to business. This means Marxists or trade unionists whose loyalty is directed at the international working class. Their preferred economic system is command economy. They are typically most concerned with “bread and butter” issues, so there are no distinctly Red views on culture.

Yellow prioritizes non-coercion. Yellows believe the best thing a government can do is not interfering with market forces. In terms of culture, they favour the right to privacy and freedom of speech. They include some neo-conservatives, market fundamentalists, classical liberals and the most extreme variety: libertarians. Some of them have pretty mystical reverence for the market.

Black prioritizes traditional righteousness. They are basically religious conservatives: Islamists in the Middle East and Dominion Theology in America. Virtually non-existent in modern Europe. Hardcore varieties of Black seem determined to make the world a Kingdom of God, while more moderate Black types prefer a society based on "natural law" and the traditional family. Not really interested in economics.

Blue prioritizes raw power. Typically lead by a strongman. Want to further the nation’s interest without moral obstacles, to make it the strongest and dominate everyone else. In terms of culture, it requires promoting "manly" or "militaristic" values. The most exteme variety is obviously fascism, but it is rather rare in this day and age. More typical of our era are „right-wing populisms” like Trumpism in America and various euro-sceptics on the European side. In domestic politics, it aims at total security and builds a police state to achieve it.

Some movements are hybrids. I put Stalinism and Nazism on the Red-Blue border, alt-right on the Blue-Black border, neo-cons on Yellow-Black border and liberal globalism on Purple-Yellow border. Christian democracy is a more unusual Black-Purple hybrid, which cannot be shown on the pentagon. Their views on economics, foreign policy and the environment are Purple, but cultural conservatism comes from Black Thomism.

If you are curious, my economic views (compassionate capitalism) are on the Purple-Yellow border, while the way I think about culture is mostly Yellow (preserve privacy and freedom of speech) with some Black influences (dislike of pornography, drugs, etc.).

Using S-H, we can add that Purple and Black have strong connections to the prophetic archetype, since they focus on individual behaviour. Blue and Red have strong connections to the civic archetype, since they focus on the institutions. Yellow is more difficult, maybe nomadic? Most libertarians seem to be gen X.

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  Orion's Arm timeline
Posted by: Bill the Piper - 09-16-2018, 09:29 AM - Forum: The Future - Replies (8)

OA is a fiction website in form of an encyclopedia written in the 120th century. I like it very much. The more remote eras are pure science fiction, but the nearest future is very realistic.

What do you think about their timeline for the 21st century?


The more interesting bits:

57 (2026) In the spirit of optimism NASA, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and European Space Agencies and a consortium of private corporations begin work on the astonishingly expensive international Mars Mission Profile. - a parallel to space enthusiasm during the previous high

90s (2060s) - Especially among the educated classes, traditional religions continue to be usurped by younger, more exotic beliefs, such as Sanandism, Babaism, Cosmism, Transhumanism[/url], etc. - Looks like a belated awakening. I would argue that will happen in the 2050s, or even late 2040s.

110's (2080s) - Conventional nation-states decline at an increasing (though still slow) rate as commercial, virtual, and micro- states become more common. - An unraveling

119 (2088) - An internet based virtual world war centered on North America which shifts a number of assets and influence from previous geopolitical and corporate powers to new players. - The beginning of next crisis

Do you think they used S-H theory?

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Posted by: Bill the Piper - 09-16-2018, 09:09 AM - Forum: The Millennial Generation - No Replies

Hello all!

How do you think the emo subculture fits the millennial archetype?

I mean, the civic archetype is supposed to be strong, rational, soldierly. Emo is the opposite of that. But it was a millennial subculture.

My solution is that millennials were developing into an artistic generation before the crisis hit. Emo was especially popular in 2006-8. After the fall of Lehmann Brothers it suddenly lost ground. I wonder if it will come back during the high.

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  The Opioid Crisis!~!~!
Posted by: TheNomad - 09-16-2018, 05:15 AM - Forum: Society and Culture - Replies (7)

David Horn said:

Abject poverty has been suppressed, not solved.  Other countries have actually created real solutions that lift people up, not merely subsidize them in their misery.  There's a reason we have a massive opioid crisis.

I would like to hear the context of this.  I will offer I deal with scheduled medications and have ppl in my life who deal with them also.  There has seemed to be a crackdown since this administration... ppl dying, overdosing, stop breathing, etc. 

I believe there may be an opioid crisis with youth sucking on glass pipes and cross-using prescription drugs wrongly and it now is much easier to obtain opioids than heroin and smash it to snort or even shoot.  But who is NOT to blame and is suffering are older people, people with legitimate pain management issues, those who do not have advocates to speak for them (those in poverty). 

Recently, a friend with Crohn's disease had to have another portion of his body removed and the pain management was so insufficient, they had to delay the surgery until the doctor could be reasonable with pain meds.  People are not having needed surgery because doctors are being bullied by some unknown force bombarding them with warnings about deaths from prescription drugs.

If you do not have a PAIN MANAGEMENT doctor and something happens to you, they will give you aspirin and tell you to pray in the ER.  Even a pain management doctor will get the sweats.

I would go so far as to say there is some twisted punishment involved here.  With the infliction of pain.  Just sick... and right in line with something the current rulers would do as a punitive recompense for "Obamacare".  That we dare to have medical care.... we should feel the pain tho.

There is no "opioid crisis".  It's a made up name for those who abuse drugs.... only now, instead of street drugs, it is prescription form.  So the doctor is now the dealer and the dealer is owned by the feds.  The feds want a story that works for them "ppl are dying, we are saving them" so no legislation has changed, nothing has been officially altered but doctors nationwide are shitting themselves to prescribe xanax to PTSD survivors now.

If you take any form of benzodiazepine, get ready to get yanked.  I put the exclamation point in the title because this is is real 411. GET READY.

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  The theory of human evolution and the 80-year cycle
Posted by: Theojm - 09-13-2018, 12:48 AM - Forum: Theories Of History - Replies (24)

Let me re-phrase the intoduction to the four turnings in my own words, to make a quick characterization of it:

There is a constant group evolution, since we have an enhanced way of communication that other animals don't have, which is speech. The evolution is a bit different on various continents, but the rhytm of events is the same.

Group evolution is moving on with regular intervals, the 20-20-20-20 years cycle. The changes come everywhere at the same time, and that is why we have worldwide campaigns of change today. We have a worldwide rise in populism happening at the same time (even in Australia, they have so little problems with immigration etc.).

We reject most of the other countries and prefer our own, but still the changes to (group) behaviour happen, even from countries from across the sea, if we share our culture with them. The reduction of bad behavior and substance abuse happens every 80 years, and the change is tied to our surroundings. 1945-1965 reconstruction and optimism, 1965-1985 spiritual uprising, 1985-2005 individualism and megastars, 2005-2025 PC culture, reduction in bad behavior, civil discourse and the rise of nationalism. And a fresh start for the societies in the end, when the first turning arrives in about ten years.

And now for the theories of origins of Four Turnings. Let's go back in time for 50,000 years, to the Great Leap of Homo sapiens:

Homo Sapiens had sex with other Homos -> they would be assimilated into Homo Sapiens. The Jivaro people of today: "The Jivaro people are famous for their head-hunting raids and shrinking the heads. The raiding parties usually only attack one homestead per raid, killing the men, spearing the older women to death, and taking younger women as brides." And the most different looking ones would be killed because of racism, probably even some children between a Homo sapiens and other Homos, which made the assimilation faster, and killed off all the other Homos, at least the men, because they couldn't be assimilated or speak the same language.

They had sex with other hominids, raped them if necessary. This is why we have such high sex drives as humans, because the homo sapiens individuals with the highest sex drive would have sex with the other species and own species, which led them to have more children. By being beautiful you would pass on your genes more than ugly ones. That is why humans are so "beautiful" compared to other species and we have an eye for esthetics, we value beauty and there is a little narcissus in each of us, because it's how our ancestors got their genes to win the game. Some call it vanity, but it's what made Homo sapiens win the evolutionary battle and assimilate some genes from other Homos. This is why many have DNA from Neanderthals even today.

They went to war, killed the men and took their (best looking [so closest to human DNA?]) women and had children with them. War is an evolutionary strategy, both biologically and territorially. Assimilate or die. All this is now happening again due to the world wars and now globalization, which is the final step on the way of combining all different races from all continents, so only the best genes remain and form an even better result than what we have today.

They and we go to war because every generation wants to see a war, but just once. (That is why the 80 year cycle exists. That is why we have four turnings of history, we have four different generations alive at each time, and every generation has it's needs that the want to see fulfilled.) This cycle leads to the victory of homo sapiens and the end of the Neanderthals, Denisovans and other possibly remaining genus Homos.

[Image: homo.jpg]

Early human communication was revolutionized with the origin of speech approximately 500,000 years ago. Communication allowed us to express our ideas and shared values. Communication allowed us to form societies and other social bonds. Some "memory" of basic concepts is passed on in our DNA (instincts, affect also dreams), as we have the same archetypes of humans present in all cultures, no matter the continent. The wise prophet, the king, the joker, the hero. That's why we have religions. The wise prophet is "god". And the god has rules and group values for you.

The archetypes are all men, btw... which is changing with the me too movement for example. We're not programmed to see a women as prophets, kings, jokers or heroes. (And now with the hero-generation at their at the age of 14-34, superhero movies are absolutely dominating the movie theaters and smaller screens. A coincidence? Could be.)

The "DNA memory" is kind of lagging behind, as our basic instincts of racism and war try to be fulfilled. Civility and instincts are in a constant battle. The Jivaro tribe isn't much different from us genetically, but their group evolution hasn't reached a point of civility like ours has. Eat, sleep, go to war, have sex. Many men today are obsessed with war movies and the internet is full of sex videos. Men still rape and in women women have fantasies of getting raped. So it's not like we've completely separated from out animal instincts quite yet.

Chimpanzees have the war instincts too, but no higher level of communication. They still start wars, (without a word?!), wars that can last for many years. Male chimps beat their women and kill offspring of others. We kill millions in wars and the basic message is to "kill the others, we are better". And often they are stronger, why attack if you're weaker? The chimps behave the same way, they attack smaller chimp communities.

So how did human kind take the Great Leap?


"CB1 receptors in humans are found in regions of the forebrain associated with development of language and music skills and could also be responsible for at least some of the psychological effects of Cannabis. High CB1 levels are also found in the thalamus, which contributes to development of the human personality and provides access to pain pathways, thus allowing THC-induced analgesia." (Pain medication, especially needed by older members of the tribe?)

"Terrance McKenna (1992) proposed that the use of Cannabis by Paleolithic humans may have stimulated the emergence of language, a major key to the “great leap forward” in human evolution about 50,000 years ago, accompanied by the crafting of specialized tools from new materials (e.g., rope, nets, and cloth from hemp fiber), the utilization of new food plants (e.g., hemp seed), the altering of consciousness (e.g., ingestion of Cannabis drugs), the development of art and music, and the inception of social systems."

"Not only was Cannabis among the first fibers to be woven and an early provider of a seed rich in EFAs, but it may also have promoted the inception of the very cognitive processes required to invent such complex crafts as weaving." (Clarke, Robert, and Mark Merlin. Cannabis : Evolution and Ethnobotany, University of California Press, 2013.)

So was cannabis responsible for the great leap 50,000 years ago? We have all the necessary elements. Cannabis provided brain healthy food, strong materials, pain medication and most importatly: cognitive advances in Homo sapiens. Other crops like wheat provided mostly only energy, nutrients, food security and food for stock animals. The provided the ability to spread out and for bigger societies, not much else. The advances in language and culture didn't probably come from those, even they were critical too in the success of homo sapiens.

Cannabis enhanced linguistic and cultural skills. But it also enhanced out basic instincts of behavior, which are love & war, and gave us new tools to wage love & war better. It enhanced our emotions, like happiness and sadness. Thus Homo sapiens created facial expressions to express them better, with extremely subtle changes. We love watching actors who can "realistically" portray a character (an archetype) (Oscars). We love singers who can express feelings in their songs (Emmys). We love books that give us the feeling of tension and mystery. We want to feel and experience, our curiosity is endless. And this is why we're so religious, it's because we want to know the answers. But if we don't get the answers, we choose the most believable story, or we're born to be a part of the story.

Cannabis enhanced the senses and experiences of Homo sapiens. It was a true wonder to the ones who used it. Think about how many people are taking (and abusing) pain medication these days. And now think about how much more pain there was in life 50,000 years ago!

Wouldn't you take the medication if it was available? The old shaman smoking the pipe, we've all heard of him and maybe even think he's probably trustworthy and wise. Why? Because he is the leader of the tribe and has experience. He is respected. A vision of a young man smoking the pipe? That's not such a good sight in our opinion. If only the distribution and usage would be very limited in the age of 20-40, limited in age 40-60 and available in the age of 60-100. If humans are gradually with aging introduced to a substance with spychoactive ingredients, it would be "in sync" with the our vision of mostly older people using it. Could be the most optimal situation for our species to evolve? From prohibition on children to availability on tribe elders.

Nowdays young people gain access to alcohol immediately once they turn a certain age. They're given an unlimited access to it, which on the other hand creates problems like alcoholism, which in turn creates movements against alcohol, even prohibition, like we had with alcohol and still mostly have with weed. Industrialisation has made an abundance of alcohol a reality for everyone, and that broke the old order that was in harmony with our species.

Going back to the cyles

The four beats are everywhere, especially in music. Western music is mostly based on four beats, the time signature is mostly 4/4. And the beats per minute most of the time in music is 120, approximately the same as the heartbeat of a dancing person. At the moment were about halfway through the last beat, waiting for the next big thing.

[Image: musicpopularity.jpg]

Google has the Ngram, which shows the popularity of a word by year in books. The english word sin represents pretty much all bad behavior in the mainstream western culture. 
O marks the start of the fourth turning, X marks the fourth turning ending.

[Image: sin.jpg]

This shows a double cycle. The sudden increases and decreases on the usage of word sin are almost exactly 160 years from each other. But what is more remarkable is that the other years very closely follow the curve!

Why does it spike every 160 years, not every 80 years? Homicide rates in USA from 1700 look like this:

[Image: homiciderate.jpg]

There is a pattern there, but you have to adjust to general advances in policing and prison, welfare, better education and the fact that doctors today can save many more stabbing and shooting victims than before. Once the corners of the graph are brought to the same level and I added the 80-year cycle with straight lines, the pattern looks now like this:

[Image: homicideratecorrected.jpg]

And when combined this corrected graph with the sin graph:

[Image: combined.jpg]
If only I could continue the homicide graph beyond 1700, any ideas how to do it..? The prediction is that there is low amount of homicides around 1675 and a high amount around 1650.

Researchers have been puzzled why the crime rate went down even after the 2008 economic crash. It's because we're now under a correction of behavior, which can be seen in especially these movements: Me Too, NFL kneelings, children protesting gun violence. And the rise of PC culture, which has happened  from around 2005.

Youth drinking is steadily declining in all western nations:

[Image: 02_fig11.jpg]

[Image: Figure01%20webres.jpg]


Much could be understood if we could revive a Homo sapiens / Denisovan / Neanderthal from 30,000 years ago. I'll end this text with a movie plot, since all of this is pure speculation: In 40,000BC a very skinny young man in a snowstorm drops into a small pool of freezing water, which is frozen up very quickly. He is now resurrected by cryogenists to the modern world. Ok, is this only a movie plot or could this be reality like in Jurassic World?

If you say no, then I guess these shouldn't be possible either:


"Nematode worms trained to recognize certain smells retain this memory after being frozen." Maybe a mere worm can be brought back, but a creature like human? Well, how about this:


"...doctors were still majorly concerned about Justin’s brain, which had been deprived of oxygen for many hours. Typically, brain cells begin to die after just a few minutes without oxygen. His brain seemed unharmed. Though he did end up losing his toes and two pinkies to frostbite because of the incident, Justin, by most standards was incredibly lucky. Coleman said the case could be more than a miracle, though. His survival is a paradigm change in how we resuscitate and how we treat people that suffer from hypothermia."

I say that if there is a frozen man in ice from 30,000BC who has frozen in perfect conditions, he can be revived and he will have his memory intact. The problem would be communication. But if it was a child of 6 years old, maybe he could be taught a new language from our time?

So much for the movie plots, I hope someone can shoot some huge bullets at my theories. I have looked up multiple sources on these subjects,

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  5G is on the way!
Posted by: pbrower2a - 09-10-2018, 05:10 AM - Forum: Technology - Replies (22)

As you can expect from someone my age (62), I am leery of technologies that allegedly can revolutionize society. I have seen it all since I was a kid back in the 1960s, and I usually recognize hype when I encounter it. Most innovative technologies have high costs (so that the creators can recover costs of development), so it is usually wise to be a late adapter, but not so late that one ends up with something no longer useful or adequate.  Being five years behind the times is fine, because you will end up with fifteen-year-old technology after ten years and hardly notice a thing until you start to see it get inadequate.

The "G" refers to generation and not to gigabytes, so it is not simply an increase in the level of information available. More information available? I have difficulty sifting through what there is now, and you can probably figure out quickly that I am no dummy. I just don/t like to pay big money for stuff that I can never understand. let alone use.

Quote:5G is coming, and it’s going to have a massive impact on almost every facet of how we use technology, with faster speeds and lower latency theoretically opening up huge new frontiers in everything from smartphones to self-driving cars.
But the future of mobile networks isn’t here yet. And with something as complex as 5G, dozens of companies, carriers, and device manufacturers all need to work together for this kind of rollout to happen. Here’s where everything stands right now, though:
We’re still in the early days of 5G, and news will accelerate as we get closer to networks rolling out and hardware releasing that support it. We’ll continue to update this post will all the new details, so check back often.

What is 5G?

On a basic level, 5G is the fifth generation of cellular networking. It’s what comes after our current 4G / LTE networks, much in the same way that LTE was a radical shift forward from 3G. Think of how much the way we used and interacted with our phones shifted when 3G data was first introduced, or how things changed again when high-speed LTE data came around. That’s the kind of change we’re looking at with 5G.

What is 5G?

But on a more technical level, “5G” is an agreed upon set of standards defined by the International Telecommunication Union (the ITU) and the 3GPP, who work together with hardware companies and carriers to define what exactly a 5G network actually is.
And over the past few months, we’ve actually reached two general definitions for those: the non-standalone 5G New Radio network, which (as the name implies) is built off of existing LTE networks and hardware, and standalone 5G NR networks, which allows for new deployments of 5G in places that didn’t necessarily have that existing infrastructure.

The first 5G standards are finally finished

The non-standalone standard was finished in December 2017, while the standalone standard was finalized in June 2018. Having extra time to work on it and being built on existing infrastructure means that when we do see the first real 5G networks start to roll out in 2019, they’ll likely be based on that first.


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  The Future of Unions
Posted by: TheNomad - 09-08-2018, 04:12 PM - Forum: The Future - Replies (10)

I was working as a teen at the tail end of unions in America.  At that time, I was making hourly what would take the rest of the nation until the mid 00s to catch up with in terms of MINIMUM WAGE.

So, for the older people here, what is the future of unions?

Are they going to return with a vengeance?  It seems maybe.  Since we know these cycles run on reaction to previous circumstances.  And people now are tired of the CEO making millions while they do all the heavy lifting for corn and wheat.

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  Where the Boomers Led Us, Or Our Worse Presidency to Date
Posted by: sbarrera - 09-08-2018, 11:38 AM - Forum: Baby Boomers - Replies (9)

I'm sharing a blog post I wrote on this sub-forum, since it fits based on the title and theme. But it kind of about my experience going to the Women's March back in Jan 2017 to protest the Trump inauguration, and about the Trump Presidency itself and how Boomer leadership has pretty well and truly hosed the Republic. It is also unabashedly partisan.

Original post: http://stevebarrera.com/where-the-baby-boomers-led-us/

Reproduced in full:
 September 5, 2018  Steve Comments 0 Comment
When we went to the Women’s March in Washington D.C., just after the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, we took the metro into the city. The station and the train were crammed with protesters and their signs. I remember one woman on the train, older than us, who was holding a sign that read “THIS ABOMINATION WILL NOT STAND.” I believe she was from the Baby Boomer generation, the generation that came before mine and that shook American culture apart in the Sixties, in a wave of youth protest. And here she was, elderly and still protesting, fifty years later, which is as long as I have been alive.

The abomination to which her sign referred was the election to the highest office in the nation of a man who stands for everything which she had fought against her whole life. A man who epitomizes entitled, obnoxious, and abusive white male power. A self-confessed serial sexual predator who thinks women should be grabbable at a rich man’s whim. A racist whose instinct is to treat non-whites like criminals – or worse. A lying corporate crony motivated by profits over people.

And yet here he was, propelled into the Presidency by the support of millions of ordinary Americans who were duped by his demagoguery and worshipped him as their savior. It was the raging apotheosis of the backlash against the Sixties that was behind the rise of the Republican party, a backlash by people resentful of an America that was more open, diverse and tolerant. More non-white and non-Christian. The backlash had just put into power a man the same age as this protesting woman, but an ignorant and crass bully – the worst of her generation, empowered by madness.

[Image: 320.jpg?resize=300%2C169]

When we arrived in the city the station was so crowded that it took an hour to get to the street. A huge mass of sign-carrying people slowly made its way through the turnstiles to exit the metro, and finally we were in the open air. We found our way to the mall and suddenly were swept up into a throng of protesters, streaming from where the speeches had been made (speeches we had missed, since it took so long for us to reach the city) towards the White House. The chanting, roaring energy was indomitable. It was the backlash against the backlash.
[Image: 325.jpg?resize=300%2C169]
But would it last? As of this writing, more than nineteen months have passed. Trump has proven to be as awful a President as anyone predicted – corrupt, cruel, a threat to the republic. His supporters are entrenched in their belief in his legitimacy; they voted for him, and his faults seem invisible to them. Meanwhile, the President’s opponents have adopted the language of resistance, like freedom fighters in an occupied nation.
Trump has captured the reactionary right because he is the champion of their agenda: to keep out the Hispanics and the Asians and the Muslims, to stop free trade with China, to restore America to its pre-Sixties greatness. In their minds, this agenda is a much-needed course correction after decades of American decline. And undeniably it is motivated by fear, a fear summarized by one simple headline: Fewer Births Than Deaths Among Whites in Majority of U.S. States.

It is sad that fear has overtaken a large minority, and that they have rallied around an unworthy man. But he was the one who spoke their language. As I write, his fortune is crumbling, and his supporters will no doubt stand by him to the bitter end.  But in the long run majoritarian opinion and demographic pressures favor the resisters. The blue wave may have hit a red wall, but it can become a blue tsunami and take that wall down. We just have to stay resolved.

On the day after Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, we marched down the mall in the nation’s capital, until the streaming throng took us to the White House. There the crowd thinned out, as some people left, while others lingered. Some tables were set up and people held signs urging or promising the impeachment of a President who had been in office for all of one day. It was like a court being held, condemning him on his own front lawn. This was the site of the Boomer generation’s last stand, and they were as riotous, and as judgmental, and as destructive as ever. And this was where they had finally led us.

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  The Past Few Weeks & Into The Future: What Are We Witnessing?!
Posted by: TheNomad - 09-08-2018, 04:59 AM - Forum: The Future - Replies (12)

omg it seems the McCain funeral WAS sort of a dividing line of a Public Shift in Mood against the current president.

The funeral was a very public platform - a stage - on which to sort of reveal the "beak" of the bird. 

-It revealed a message of unity across party lines even and up to W and the Obamas against the current president.
-The NYT op-ed makes shock claim of secret cabal fighting for "freedom" by managing the president in the name of America.
-The legal woe noose tightens significantly.
-Cracks appear in the veneer: the washington mall image is proved a fake.
-Syrian/Iranian wargames involving Russia spike.
-Justice nominee has Roe problem from the past.
-All kinds of staff resigning/leaving.
-Obama appears on the scene and begins campaigning.
-News outlets like CNN on full magnitude coverage (even higher than normal, like buzzards).
-Numerous public officials question faculty of president to rule.
-Sen Warren openly calls for impeachment.
-Guliani is complete mess, like mobster wiping blood off the pavement before the cops arrive.
-Reports of "isolated" and "unstable" with foes lurking.
-NEW 9/8/19: VOW TO USE MILITARY TO BUILD WALL http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-...d-DHS.html


We can see the heightened escalation in just the last few weeks.  What are we witnessing?  Why did it happen?  McCain funeral: just a spark for he embers... not purposefully significant, just an event we may look back upon and say "that was when it began"? 

Does it reveal anything of our current location in the saeculum/turning?

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