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New Ideas for the revved up society
Here's one:

If history teaches us anything, it is that things could be different. There is nothing inevitable about the way we structure our society and economy right now. Ideas can and do change the world. And I think that especially in the past few years, it has become abundantly clear that we cannot stick to the status quo; that we need new ideas.

I know that many of you may feel pessimistic about a future of rising inequality, xenophobia, and climate change. But it's not enough to know what we're against; we also need to be for something. Martin Luther King didn't say, I have a nightmare. He had a dream. So, here's my dream. I believe in a future where the value of your work is not determined by the size of your paycheck, but by the amount of happiness you spread, and the amount of meaning you give. I believe in a future where the point of education is not to prepare you for another useless job, but for a life well lived. I believe in a future where an existence without poverty is not a privilege, but a right we all deserve.

Hey, counter-culture ideas from the sixties keep rising up, huh!
"I close my eyes, and I can see a better day" -- Justin Bieber

Keep the spirit alive;
Eric M

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