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Now the noise has died down and folks might get their phone calls through.  Also, the websites should work now.

Read here first :

Why?  Equifax's fuckup has given ol'e Rags a gift.  For eveyone who gets a freeze, it costs the credit bureaus money 'cause they can't sell your data.   Millies might want to pass since their credit needs are more mobile and unpredictable.  [Buy/rent places to live, buy 1st car, open new credit cards, new data plans on fones, etc.]

Xer's :   Uh, these credit bureaus are using YOUR data and making a profit off of it.  Are you in that income stream?  I doubt it.  No freebies, duuudes/dudettes.

Boomers:   Boycott time!  Remember the 1960''s-1970's? 

Refresher here: Cool

Ahhhhh yeah, man.  What was old, is new again. Big Grin

---Value Added Cool
I've had mine frozen for the last couple of years. It really is the best defense (currently available) against a lot of forms of identity theft targeting finances.

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