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Archetypes and Big 5
What would be differences between the archetypes in terms of Big 5 personality traits?
I thought about Agreeableness - a prophet would be low since he prefers his own vision, even if noone agrees with him. A civic would be high, since cooperation with others is more important for him. However, prophets are fascinated by the supernatural, and this is a trait of high agreeableness people.
Openness to Experience can also be relevant. A prophet is open to unusual and otherworldly experiences, while a civic prefers down to earth, well known things.
One lady on Personality Cafe prefers to define prophetic as high openness and low conscientiousness, and civic as low openness and high conscientiousness. Sounds good match.

What about nomads and artists?

Or could these be just cultural mindsets, which don't depend on personality?
Maybe the Big 5 just don't fit if they say that "Prophets" would be both highly agreeable and not agreeable at all?

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