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Fourth Turning Theory with a Fibonacci Overlay
"You unlock this door with the key of imagination.  Beyond it is another dimension.  We offer, for your consideration..."

Those of you old enough to remember will recognize that lead-in by the late Rod Serling to The Twilight Zone.  I make reference to this old TV show because some members of this forum have discussed at length other cycle theories as alternatives to--or modifications of--the generational theory of Strauss and Howe.  The other theories cited have ranged from Kondratieff waves to the Modelski model and, yes, even to astrological cycles. 

For some time now I've been playing around with a modification of my own.  What got me to thinking about it in earnest was viewing the Steve Bannon documentary Generation Zero recently His documentary, which included short interview segments with Neil Howe, shows slightly different turning boundaries for the Millennial Saeculum, as follows:

                            The Awakening         The Unraveling
Strauss & Howe        1964-1984                1984-2008
Generation Zero        1966-1986                1987-2007

I actually agree more with the documentary's boundaries than I do with those of co-author Neil Howe, although I would further adjust  Bannon's boundaries, as follows:

       The High        The Awakening        The Unraveling
       1942-1966         1967-1987                1988-2007

Note: I will offer a more detailed (qualitative) justification for the boundaries outlined above in a subsequent post:

The word(s) mood or social mood are used over and over again in The Fourth Turning text, too many times to count.  And Strauss and Howe correlate shifts in social mood to the boundaries of the four turnings.  So a question comes to mind, and perhaps it's occurred to others of you: Is there a way to gauge shifts in social mood, a barometer if you will, something other than the qualitative assessments offered by Strauss and Howe?

I contend that, yes, there is.  According to the Elliott Wave theory, major peaks and troughs in US stock indices, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, roughly coincide with shifts in social mood.  And before any of you familiar with this arcane stock cycle theory turn up your nose, please indulge me for a moment.  [I stopped using EW theory to make investments years ago; it's for the most nimble "day traders" only, in my humble opinion.]  What I do place stock in, though, is the Fibonacci sequence that Elliott Wave theory incorporates.  Some of you may be acquainted with this mathematical concept: a series of numbers in which each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. The simplest expression is the series 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 89, 144, 233, etc.

I intend to use the Fibonacci sequence to align the four turning boundaries--past, present, and future--to major turns in the U.S. stock market.  I concede that I'm "spitballing" here, so I simply offer this "for your consideration":

The Battle of Lexington and Concord (1775) kicked off the Revolutionary War, though not the Crisis (1773) according to S&H.  Add a Fibonacci 233 years to 1775, and the result is 2008, the year of the financial panic that marked the beginning of the current Crisis.

Take the Declaration of Independence (1776) and add a Fibonacci 89 years, and the result is 1865, the end of the Civil War saeculum.  If we add, in turn, 8 more years to 1865, the resulting sum is 1873, as in the Panic of 1873.  Add another Fibonacci 55 years to 1873, and the result is 1920, which marked the beginning of the 1920-1921 depression that nobody's ever heard of.  (If we go back as far as the Glorious Revolution (1688), add a Fibonacci 233 years, the sum is 1921.)  Add still another Fibonacci 8 years to the end date of that depression, and the sum is 1929, the year Wall Street crashed, ushering in the twin crises of the Great Depression/World War II.

If you're following my train of thought here, you get the general idea.  Which, simply put, is the notion that perhaps the turnings are "rocking to the rhythm" of the Dow, a stock index that has only been in existence since 1896.  The mere fact that Howe pinpoints the start of the Millennial Saeculum Crisis (2008) and that of the previous crisis (1929) to stock market crashes would tend to give some credence to this notion of overlaying Fourth Turning theory with a Fibonacci time series.

Here are a few other examples:

1865+144=2009 (end of most recent bear market)

1929+13=1942 (1942 is unorthodox double bottom; a secular bull market begins then, marking the last year the Silents are born)

1932+34=1966 (1932 is the absolute bear market bottom; 1966 ends secular bull market--and the American High, as I interpret it) 
1932+55=1987 (1987 is the year of the worst Wall Street crash, marking the end of the Awakening--as I interpret it)

1966+8=1974 (1974 is the first bottom in a 16-year secular bear market)
1966+34=2000 (end of a bull market and the dotcom boom, marking the last year the Millennials were born--as I interpret it)

1974+8=1982 (1982 is the "double bottom" in a secular bear market, marking the first year the Millennials are born)
1974+34=2008 (2008 is the climax of a historic financial panic, catalyzing the current Crisis--maybe, as Mikebert has also hedged)


2002+5=2007 (2007 is the peak of a cyclical bull market, and marks the beginning of the financial crisis)

Where am I going with all this?  A theory, including a social science theory such as the Fourth Turning, is only as good as its predictive value.  So far, I give generational theory a qualified benefit of the doubt.  The book has made some amazingly accurate predictions, as we all know.  So let me pose a few of my own, while fully acknowledging that making predictions is a mug's game.  The truth is, nobody knows anything about the future.

Disclaimer: The following predictions should not be construed as trading or investment advice.  Consult your financial advisor for guidance:

2009 was the most recent bear market bottom.  According to OEW interpretations of Elliott Waves, bull markets tend to run 5, 8, or 13 years in length.  So, using the Fibonacci sequence, the following years present as possible peaks in the current bull market:

2009+5=2014 (that year has obviously passed)
2009+8=2017 (implies a peak this year, perhaps in the spring, more likely in the fall; this would make this bull market analogous to the eight-year run from 1921-1929, and would imply that Trump might be a one-term president)
2009+13=2022 (this would match the longest-running bull market ever (1987-2000), and would imply Trump's re-election)

1929+89=2018 (this year might mark the peak of a second financial crisis, analogous to the 2007 market peak and 2008 crash)

1932+89=2021 (potential bottom of next bear market, analogous to 1929-1932?)

1942+89=2031 (end of this 4T Crisis?)

And one last thing: 1787+233=2020 (a Constitutional crisis coinciding with the next presidential election?)

Again, just "spitballing" here...
So, random applications of the wonderful fibonacci sequence to chosen historical dates = predictions. These are not reliable cycle indicators, but indicators of possible mathematical rhythms. Fibonacci numbers often appear in the patterns of Nature, and in the arts.

If we're still around, maybe, we'll see which is better, astrology or fibonacci.

Some important astrological correlations:

The Uranus Return to 9 degrees Gemini, and peak crisis dates:

1607, founding of Jamestown
1692, during King William's War
1776, Independence War declared
1861, Civil War starts, exact return to the minute of arc
1944, D- Day, crisis peak according to S&H, exact return to the minute
2027, next return, next crisis peak.

The exact Day Neptune entered Aries in 1861 + exact day of Uranus Return = Ft. Sumpter bombing.
Neptune enters Aries again 2025-26. Especially Jan.2026. next civil war?

Neptune entering cardinal signs and the beginning dates of S&H dominant generations:
1821 Capricorn = Gilded 1822
1861 Aries = Missionary 1860
1901 Cancer = GI 1901
1943 Libra = Boomer 1943
1984 Capricorn = Millennial 1982
2025 Aries = next prophets aka "Generation A"

Some turning markers:
1773 = Saturn conjunct Neptune 1773
1794 = Uranus opposite Pluto 1793
1820 = Uranus conjunct Neptune 1821, both entering Capricorn
1834 (possible 3T start date) = Neptune entered Aquarius, Uranus entered Pisces 1835
1844 = Uranus conjunct Jupiter and entering Aries 1844
circa 1850 (proposed 4T start date) = Uranus conj. Pluto 1850
1860 = Neptune entered Aries 1861
1865 = Uranus entered Cancer 1865
1886 = Neptune first coming into orb of conjunction with Pluto. Uranus entered Libra
1908 = Uranus opposite Neptune 1908
1929 = Neptune entered Virgo 1929
1946 = Neptune entered Libra 1943, conjunct Jupiter 1945
1964 = Uranus conjunct Pluto 1965-66, first became close/strong in 1964 (and Nov.1963)
1984 = Neptune entered Capricorn 1984
2008 = Pluto entered Capricorn 2008, square Uranus and Saturn

Let's look at some Depressions and Recessions
1837 Neptune entered Aquarius 1834, Uranus entered Pisces 1835
1845-46 (European famine) Neptune entered Pisces 1848
1857 Neptune entered Aries 1861, Uranus entered Gemini 1858, Jupiter conj. Saturn 1861
1873 Neptune entered Taurus 1873, Saturn in Capricorn
1893 Neptune and Pluto conjunction 1892
1920 Uranus entered Pisces 1919, Jupiter conj. Saturn 1921
1929 Neptune entered Virgo 1929, Saturn in Capricorn square Uranus and Pluto in 1930-31
1946 Neptune entered Libra 1943, Uranus entered Cancer 1948-49
1958 Neptune entered Scorpio 1957, Jupiter conj. Saturn 1961
1970 Neptune entered Sagittarius 1970
1973 Uranus entered Scorpio 1974
1979-81 Uranus entered Sagittarius 1982, Jupiter conj. Saturn 1981
1990 Uranus entered Capricorn 1989, Saturn in Capricorn 1990
2000 Jupiter conj Saturn in Taurus 2000, Neptune entered Aquarius 1998
2008 Pluto entered Capricorn 2008, square Uranus and Saturn in 2009-2010

It looks like recessions and depressions happen at or near times when outer planets change signs, and Earth signs and Neptune are key indicators. Saturn in Capricorn and major conjunctions can also be indicators. Some correlations are closer than others.

Let's compare your possible predictions with mine.

"bull market peak, 2017 or 2022"
I think the bull market peak is right now, and 2017 should be good all year.
"2018 peak of a financial crisis"
I think 2018 will be the start of a bear market. I am unsure about a crash, but with Trump as president (if he's still there), I can't rule it out.
"2021 peak of bear market"
I think 2019-2020 is more likely; 2021 will be the start of a recovery. Tentative "boomlet" in 2022, with unstable economy in 2023-24; and boom very likely from 2025 onward. This may depend on Democrats regaining power. Compare to 1857-61.

I note that Saturn is in Capricorn from late 2018 through 2020. This is not always fatal to the economy, but it's usually a slow time, and sometimes very bad. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of Dec.2020 means as usual a new era for the Establishment, and things can change with it, happening every 20 years; especially this time with Pluto along for the ride. Sometimes the economy runs slow just before the conjunction, due to uncertainty. The conjunction resolves things and sets things moving. Pluto USA horoscope Return in 2022 could mean major reforms or disruptions, and Pluto entering Aquarius in 2024 (trine Uranus, and sextile Neptune entering Aries) could stimulate innovation.

Your final prediction is interesting, and coincides with the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto square Mars alignment in Dec.2020, and the Pluto Return to its USA horoscope placement in 2022, and in effect for 10 years starting this year. The Pluto Return indicates potential transformation due to the Return of the Revolution. Eclipses indicate trouble for Trump if he's in power after the election in 2021. I expect the future of the USA to be up for grabs until the 4T is over in 2028 or 2029.
"I close my eyes, and I can see a better day" -- Justin Bieber

Keep the spirit alive;
Eric M

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