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Warning System
I have set up a warning system in order to address inappropriate behavior on the board.  There are three levels of warning that a poster can receive:
1)   Incidental warning: bumps a person’s warning level up 5% for one hour, this warning is a way of telling a person to cool it but shouldn’t have any negative consequences.
2)   Minor Warning: bumps a person’s warning up 10% for 2 weeks, this is for more severe or repeat offenses.
3)   Major Warning: bumps a person’s warning level up 25% for one month, this is for even more severe or habitual offenses.

Of course the most severe offenses, or most habitual offenders, as well as spammers will be permanently banned.   The specifics of the warning levels and penalties are subject to change, and this post will be edited to reflect those changes.
Feedback on the warning system can be given in this thread.

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