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Theory In India
Hi guys, this is my first time posting in a message board. I am a fan of Neil Howe generational theory and fell in love with the book The Fourth Turning.

I have an amateur interest in history, and I tried to find if Neil Howe ever talked about India. I have not been able to find any such video or text. Is there any place where he talks about it ? Please link that below.

Also I would like to open a discussion about the fourth turning in India. My understanding is that India is currently in late 3T or starting of 4T and there is i turning lag between India and the Western seculae. I think Narendra Modi's election in 2014 was the shot that signalled the changing of season from 3T to 4T. This coincided with the arrival of American style culture wars ( hindutva ) in politics as well as on nightly news. I would like to hear more about it.
Howe and Strauss, I regret to say, said little about other countries. I am guessing that independence for the Indian subcontinent was the culmination of a Crisis Era that included World War II (complete with a famine in Bengal that coincides with the Japanese conquest of Burma that diverted the Burmese rice crop from its usual destination in India to feeding the Japanese Army). The Crisis Era that ends in America in 1945 probably ends later in some other countries -- 1947 in India, Pakistan, Burma, and Sri Lanka; in the late '40s with in most of central and Balkan Europe with the establishment of Communist regimes, 1950 with the full consolidation of Communist power in outer sections of China, 1948 in western Germany with the Berlin Air Lift... the Crisis Era for Korea ended with the truce ending the military advances of the UN and Communist forces in Korea. 1948 is when Israel got its independence; it's also when the totalitarian system of Apartheid was imposed in South Africa (it was totalitarian if one was not white).

The end of the Crisis is usually marked by the quick freezing of the reality at the end of the Crisis, typically when borders and governments stabilize.

I strongly welcome a discussion of India, now the world's most powerful democracy (by default as we Americans now have a near-dictatorship). India is probably 4T now, as its last 4T seems to have ended in 1947, the critical event being the assassination of Mohandas Gandhi. Should America go full-bore dictatorial, then a democratic India is quite possibly the most dangerous enemy that America could face.
The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the dedicated Communist  but instead the people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists -- Hannah Arendt.

I recommend asking John Xenakis in his thread. He tracks what he believes to be the turning status of all sorts of countries.

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