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New paradigms in science and knowledge
I thought of something to add to the discussion about quantum theory I was having with Bob, because I mentioned he might still be in the Saturn/brown stage in planetary dynamics in regard to his Newtonian views (the Saturn era being the last stage of the agricultural age, the age of kings and early western science). He claims Many Worlds is an interpretation of quantum theory that takes us beyond the Newtonian paradigm, and that emotion is a factor in the outcome of probabilities.

Plato and Heidegger as philosophers don't agree on a whole lot, but they both said that "care" is a determinative factor in human reality, at least. Care is an emotion, in a sense, and it could also be called love. Consciousness, which is recognized as a factor in updated Copenhagen versions of quantum theory, entered quantum theory as "the observer" which affects experiments. Care is a conscious emotion, and more than this, it is intentional. It conveys interest, or purposive behavior.

June distinguished "emotion" from "feeling." The latter includes love and caring, which are identified with F-feeling on many test questions of MBTI. People with strong F are those who care about relationships and people. Emotion, Jung said, was more reactive; an automatic physical expression. But IF emotion is taken to mean something like care or love, then Bob's physics enters territory compatible with existential and essentialist philosophy and with mystical awareness, in which the universe may be uncertain and spontaneous, but not "random," because there is intention within it.
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