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Is it me or are Xennials an odd bunch at times?
Much like Boomers, Xennials tend to take personal offense at the fact that the world is going to h**l in a hand basket, but for different reasons. The Boomers think "the world they built is crumbling before their eyes." With a lot of Xennials it's "what the f**k is going on. I didn't sign up for this s**t (whether that implies Trump, the rise of the far right in Europe, climate change or any other pressing issue). I've just been a well-behaved citizen who goes to work and pays my bills on time, and now I'm the one being punished by all these loony extremists". Any thoughts? This seems to be a very common attitude among X/Millie cuspers in my experience.

Does the fact they came of age during Fukuyama's "End of History" era have something to do with it? Without ever having experienced s**t hit the fan before that?

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