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Is it Time to Decriminalize Sex Work
In New York state and Washington DC there are active movements underway to decriminalize sex work, the more politically correct term for prostitution. A similar movement in San Francisco proved unsuccessful. As these issues are the realm of the individual states and localities and not the federal government, it is amazing that currently the act is illegal in 49 states and legal in only parts of the 50th(Nevada).

Perhaps ironically discussions of this increased after the FOSTA/SESTA acts were passed last year. Sadly many honest service providers ended up being lumped together with the sick human traffickers, and a result has been a bona fide witch hunt.  And because of its illegality providers tend to be scared to report abuse and mistreatment. This could be rectified through decriminalization efforts. Ironically some of the biggest opponents of decrim are service providers themselves because then they would have to start paying taxes on it.

If it were legal in more of the nation, would sex work become more affordable to the masses? Currently the average rate for a provider is between $300 and $500 per hour in most places. Your thoughts here.

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Is it Time to Decriminalize Sex Work - by beechnut79 - 06-12-2019, 08:13 PM

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