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skipped an archetype like time before last?
(05-02-2019, 05:31 PM)AspieMillennial Wrote:
(05-02-2019, 04:06 PM)Kinser79 Wrote:
(05-02-2019, 01:39 PM)AspieMillennial Wrote:
(05-02-2019, 01:09 PM)Tim Randal Walker Wrote: A possibility that S & H suggested was that the 4T might be primarily economic, and that Millies might become a mighty work force.  I can sort of see that.  If there is an emphasis on improving the prospects of younger generations.

A weaker version of the Hero role, I think, compared to the Republican or G.I. generations.  Millies may become a water color version of a Civic generation, rather than an oil paint version.

This 4T started early in 2001. This 4T is a mix of many issues at once so it's pretty confusing and adding to the fact that it's far less intense than the last one but also far longer. The 4T lasting until 2028 or 2029 means a 27 or 28 year 4T which would cause a lot of malaise and also a different version of a 1T.

I think you'll find that the hypothesis that the 4T started in 2001 early has been largely dismissed.  That said, I think it started in the 2005-2007 range.  Of course being from the South I think Katrina rather than 9-11 was the major event that showed that the system was unrepairably broken. Before then people could easily argue we could tinker here and tinker there and fix most things.

After Big K and Nawlens Drowning not so much.

The reason I think it's 2001 is because it's largely the event people talk about which changed the course of America. It's the event people talk about "Where were you on 9/11" just like people talked about "Where were you when JFK was assassinated?" The JFK assassination ushered in the 2T just like 9/11 ushered in the 3T. You have to remember that some people were hopeful even in 1929 but that had later vanished. 9/11 took away people's sense of safety and was a loss of innocence.

Are we all still talking about a skipped archetype?  I got off track due to there being open bigotry happening in a thread I made

911, the 911 wars and the economic collapse beginning in 2008 are to me the very definition of a 4th Turning.  So, depending on where the economic collapse ends (it has not ended) that will determine what is going on with Turnings.

However, this thread was about a missed archetype.  If it is no longer about that, can the mod please instruct me how to delete this thread or do it themselves?  There is still hateful commentary  in here I do not wish to be associated with.

I also cannot believe POC or SJW ppls are just passing that mess by as if nothing happened.  The only time bigotry wins is when we stay silent. 

Is u askeered?

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RE: skipped an archetype like time before last? - by TheNomad - 05-02-2019, 07:40 PM

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