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skipped an archetype like time before last?
Well in my case my attraction to 1990s Grunge and Alternative is that it is the music of my youth. Also the Punk rock from that era and the 1980s and to lesser extent 1970s.

That being said, I also listen to Early Jazz and Ragtime (hence why I mention Jelly Roll Morton--who died in 1941 and was a Lost which might explain why his music resonates with me to a degree), Swing and other things. I'm very eclectic in my tastes.

As to music sales...well new music all sounds the same. Older music can be reproduced for free or nearly free. Why buy it when you can pirate it?
It really is all mathematics.

Turn on to Daddy, Tune in to Nationalism, Drop out of UN/NATO/WTO/TPP/NAFTA/CAFTA Globalism.

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RE: skipped an archetype like time before last? - by Kinser79 - 05-04-2019, 07:36 PM

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