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A broken cycle?
(07-22-2019, 10:22 AM)David Horn Wrote: The last great monopoly breakup was AT&T in 1984 -- certainly a 3T effort.

If this was the last one, and occurred when the 3T started*, it was rather the last gasp of the 2T.

* I admit that the border at 1984 isn't as clear as that of eg 1929 or 1945/46. Still, good enough.

(07-22-2019, 10:44 AM)David Horn Wrote: A political resolution requires some degree of consensus. How does that occur?

No damn idea for today, but last time, FDR's landslide happened. Check out the reasons for it.

(07-26-2019, 04:20 PM)Mikebert Wrote: Well you can access my most recently published paper here:

Read it. Can big changes not happen until the Unequality goes even higher? We're still under 1929 levels.
Also, didn't Bill Clinton raise the tax rate a bit?

(08-01-2019, 01:11 AM)AspieMillennial Wrote: If the bad guys win, the cycle is broken. If the US lost WW2 and the Nazis won then that would've been a broken cycle.

In every Crisis, someone loses. Ask the British loyalists after the ARW or the Southrons after the ACW. But the American cycle still went on.
Hintergrund writes: Read it. Can big changes not happen until the Unequality goes even higher? We're still under 1929 levels.
Also, didn't Bill Clinton raise the tax rate a bit?

The cited paper shows how economic inequality (and inequality-promoting beliefs of economists) reflects business/economic culture, that evolves in response to political choices. It presents no view on what may happen.

My next paper (still in manuscript) does suggest a view that in the face of high inequality-generated political stress (which had it own theory--not mine) AND financial bubbles, economic collapse can provide an alternative to state collapse (civil war or revolution), environmental catastrophe, or large-scale war as responses to inequality extremes. This can happen at any time, in the near future or decades away. The theories are not that precise.

Yes, Clinton raised top tax rate from (I think) 33% to 39.6%.
(07-26-2019, 08:59 PM)Eric the Green Wrote: I have to admit I have been saying the current 4T Crisis is domestic, but what is happening now in the USA resembles strikingly the slide towards fascism and tyranny the world saw in the mid to late 1930s. Along with civil wars too.

There are differences too, of course. The world itself is not as sharply divided, and the tyranny is not as blatantly horrific as Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini were. And which side the USA is on is not even clear, or whether there is even anyone on the side of democracy and progress strong enough to resist the current trend. And there is no leader like FDR or even Churchill on the scene to organize and rally the people to the cause of freedom and justice. We just have Angela Merkel and Immanuel Macron, neither of whom are really that stellar themselves. It seems like the new tyrants are riding a wave of admiration for Donald Trump.

The list of reactionaries, tyrants, demagogues, nationalists and dictators who are taking over countries or held off rebellions against them is growing by the day, it seems. It's hard to always remember them all. But it is truly disgusting, and unless Trump is deposed we will have no free world leader to defeat them. If the tyrannies formed an alliance to defeat the democracies this time, the tyrants and reactionaries would win in a cakewalk.

Putin in Russia
Xi Jinping in China
Kim Jung Un in Korea
Maduro in Venezuela
Trump in the USA
Johnson in the UK
Bolsonaro in Brazil
Morrison in Australia
Erdogen in Turkey
Netanyahu in Israel
Sisi in Egypt
Assad the monster in Syria
Duda in Poland
Orban in Hungary
Modhi in India
Deterte in The Philippines
Ayatollah Khamenei in Iran
The 3 dictators in Central America
The regime in Burma
The other backward regimes around the world....
Senator McConnell and the US Supreme Court....

So although we face the same slide into fascism this crisis that we saw in the 1930s crisis, it doesn't look like there's a set of two alliances forming up to fight; there is only the tyrants taking over. The only opponent is the rising regeneracy among the people everywhere against them, the long list of uprisings that have happened in the last decade and continue today, and whether they can ever challenge the tyrannies and the reactionaries. Time will tell, but there's your 4T in a nutshell. No "broken cycle" here; we are in it up to our necks! And if you live on the coast, that's a literal statement.

-- we got Bernie. We just gotta get him elected
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