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Thoughts on the mixed race, globalised world of the future
You know, the more that I think about it, the more I realise that I don't think global civilisation will come about. However Eric is talking sense when it comes to America and I agree with him on this principle. You see, during my occult studies, it was widely reported that America would give birth to something known as "the sixth root race". At the time it was all the European ethnic groups mixing there and now it is the races. I think that overall, America will give birth to a new entirely different race of people. 

However, the more I peer deeper into it all, the more I realise the rest of the world is not going to follow suit. I think the American model is good enough for America but not the rest of the world. Japan is a brilliant example of this. It has not been closed off at all compared to say Russia or even North Korea but at the same time, it very homogenous and as I pointed out, the only mixing that does occur is usually with Koreans, Chinese and to a lesser extent, Thais and Filipinos. Usually it's Japanese men, as a majority, that do this mixing and it is when they can't find wives. But even still, the national mindset is firmly ingrained to marry Japanese 99 percent of the time or as a minority, the other Asian groups. Very rare for it to be other racial intermarriages.

So looking at it, I think that by the year 2100, Japan and other Asian countries are very much going to resemble how they are today. As for Africa, I'd expect pretty much the same. Now Europe is the interesting question and one that does fascinate me alot.

I have no idea what is going to happen to Europe but due to its close proximity to the Islamic world, I don't think Europe can ever successfully follow the American model. With the exception of the UK and Scandinavia countries, Europeans tend to be more nativist in their outlook. The more East you go, the more the nationalism grows.

I think, if I am to be honest, we will see a world of new civilisations and races grow to compete with the old. It doesn't fit American ideals but then, the whole world is not America and never will be. And this to me is a good thing.

As you Americans like to say, "stay off my lawn."

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