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  the authors' charts
Posted by: Eric the Green - 05-26-2016, 01:59 PM - Forum: Religion, Spirituality and Astrology - Replies (18)

In all this time, I never posted any info about the horoscopes of Neil Howe and William Strauss. Howe was born Oct.21, 1951 and Strauss Dec.5, 1947.

Neil has the aspect that I would immediately correlate with interest in generations: The Moon-Uranus conjunction in the family sign Cancer (ruled by The Moon itself). Uranus, of course, is the planet of the saeculum, since it orbits the Sun at the same rate as a saeculum, 83-84 years, and is said by Dane Rudhyar (greatest 20th century astrologer-philosopher) to have its characteristics just because this is the normal length of a human life (same determining factor as the saeculum). Strauss has Moon in Virgo, but it makes a strong square to Uranus, I believe (birth times are not known; I never asked).

The other saeculum planets are Neptune (2x a saeculum) and Pluto (3x). Strauss has the Sun in close aspect to both planets; sextile to Neptune and trine to Pluto. Howe has a Sun-Neptune conjunction.

William Strauss's horoscope is notable for his Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter (that sign's ruling planet). This is a sign of a broad outlook and a wide scope of interests, which lends itself to conceiving expansive theories like the generations theory and the turnings. It is the most-prophetic sign interested in long-term visions and plans. It is exhuberant and cheerfully optimistic, and sometimes righteous and preachy. Strauss was always the more outgoing and gregarious of the two authors; also the most argumentative, as shown also by his square of Mercury to Mars and Saturn. His relatively-conservative views (relative to his generation in youth, at least) are shown by this Saturn aspect, and his moral culture-warrior interests and conservatism by Sagittarius as well as Venus in Capricorn.

Both authors were highly educated, and both have Mars in analytical and critical sign Virgo. Neil has become a well-respected expert on generations, economics and demographics. Being a Libra, Howe has a more balanced, elegant, diplomatic and cautious personality than Strauss, and Moon in Cancer (as well as its likely square to Saturn) also indicates more privacy and caution, and an interest in wise conserving of resources, including investments, finances, family/ancestral or generational values, and land or properties. Venus and Mars together in Virgo show a passionate love of analysis and investigation, which is compatible with Strauss' Moon in Virgo. Neil Howe also has a powerful, outstanding Jupiter in Aries (which in this case represents pioneering leadership as a prophet and visionary planner).

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  Neil Howe: It’s going to get worse; more financial crises coming
Posted by: Dan '82 - 05-25-2016, 11:51 AM - Forum: Neil Howe & The First Turning - Replies (37)

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  Venezuela and Socialism
Posted by: Galen - 05-25-2016, 01:49 AM - Forum: Beyond America - Replies (23)

(05-25-2016, 12:48 AM)taramarie Wrote:
(05-25-2016, 12:42 AM)Galen Wrote: Everyone I know eventually gets tired of being kicked and the first chance they get they rip out the throat of the person doing the kicking.  In the US you are seeing a bit of that with Trump and Sanders.  This is a warning to the political class but I think they will ignore it as they always have.
Eventually they will have to pay attention. It has always been that way with revolutions in this kind of era we are in.

No they don't, after all in Venezuela they aren't and Madura is continuing in the footsteps Chavez.  Read up on what is going on there, it isn't pretty.  You will have to dig because most mainstream media tends toward the left.  The one thing that will work, the free market, will not be tried because it reduces the power the politicians hold.  If the current trends continue then it won't be long before the pitchforks and guillotines come out.  It has been awhile since a whole nation's political class lost their heads, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people.

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  The Three Revolutions
Posted by: naf140230 - 05-24-2016, 02:56 PM - Forum: Religion, Spirituality and Astrology - No Replies

I found this article dealing with astrology that interested me.

Here is the URL: http://philosopherswheel.com/thethreerevolutions.html.

By the way, I found a correlation between 1730, the semi-square, and a revolutionary event. That event is the First Great Awakening.

Yes, the man who wrote the article has an account on this website. Beyond that, from an astrological perspective, it is interesting. I recommend reading it.

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  Military Technology
Posted by: radind - 05-24-2016, 11:39 AM - Forum: Technology - No Replies

Delaying hypersonic weapon development could be costly.

… "The U.S. Air Force has no immediate plans to conduct hypersonic vehicle flight tests, the service's chief scientist said May 17.

Greg Zacharias said he "was not aware" of any set dates for a U.S. hypersonic flight test. 

Russia and China both conducted hypersonic missile flight tests in April, according to the Washington Free Beacon. There were at least five Chinese flights between 2014 and 2015, according to a 2016 Mitchell Institute report, Hypersonic Weapons and U.S. National Security.”…

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  Generations and presidential campaigns
Posted by: Dan '82 - 05-24-2016, 12:56 AM - Forum: Theory Related Political Discussions - Replies (10)

When members of different generations have run for the presidency

Liberty Generation
First serious candidate: George Washington, 1788
First candidate to win nomination: n/a
First candidate to be elected: George Washington, 1788
Last president:  John Adams, 1797-1901
Last serious candidate:  John Adams, 1800
Age of youngest cohort at time of last serious candidate: 59

Republican Generation

First serious candidate: Thomas Jefferson, 1796
First candidate to win nomination: Thomas Jefferson, 1796
First candidate to be elected: Thomas Jefferson, 1800
Last president:  James Monroe, 1817-1825
Last serious candidate: James Monroe, 1820
Age of oldest cohort at time of first serious candidate: 54
Age of youngest cohort at time of last serious candidate: 54

Compromise Generation
First serious candidate: several, 1824
First candidate to win nomination: several, 1824*
First candidate to be elected: John Quincy Adams, 1824
Last president:  James Buchanan, 1857-1861
Last serious candidate: James Buchanan, 1856
Age of oldest cohort at time of first serious candidate: 57
Age of youngest cohort at time of last serious candidate: 65

*Technically there were no political parties in 1824 just factions of the Democratic-Republican party that contested the General election and later organized into parties.

Transcendental Generation
First serious candidate: James K. Polk, 1844
First candidate to win nomination: James K. Polk, 1844
First candidate to be elected: James K. Polk, 1844
Last president:  Andrew Johnson, 1865-1869
Last serious candidate: Samuel J. Tilden, 1876
Age of oldest cohort at time of first serious candidate: 52
Age of youngest cohort at time of last serious candidate: 55

Gilded Generation
First serious candidate: George B. McClellan,1864
First candidate to win nomination: George B. McClellan,1864
First candidate to be elected: Ulysses S. Grant, 1868
Last president:  Grover Cleveland, 1893-1897
Last serious candidate: Richard P. Bland, 1896
Age of oldest cohort at time of first serious candidate: 42
Age of youngest cohort at time of last serious candidate: 54

Progressive Generation
First serious candidate: William McKinley,1896
First candidate to win nomination: William McKinley,1896
First candidate to be elected: William McKinley, 1896
Last president:  Woodrow Wilson, 1913-1921
Last serious candidate: Robert La Follette, 1924, or Leonard Wood and Frank Orren Lowden, 1920
Age of oldest cohort at time of first serious candidate: 53
Age of youngest cohort at time of last serious candidate: 61 or 65


Missionary Generation
First serious candidate: William Jennings Bryan,1896
First candidate to win nomination: William Jennings Bryan,1896
First candidate to be elected: Warren G. Harding, 1920
Last president:  FDR, 1933-1945
Last serious candidate: FDR, 1944
Age of oldest cohort at time of first serious candidate: 36
Age of youngest cohort at time of last serious candidate: 62

Lost Generation
First serious candidate: Alf Landon, 1936
First candidate to win nomination: Alf Landon, 1936
First candidate to be elected: Harry Truman, assumed office 1945, won his own term 1948
Last president:  Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953-1960
Last serious candidate: Ike, 1956
Age of oldest cohort at time of first serious candidate: 53
Age of youngest cohort at time of last serious candidate: 55

GI Generation
First serious candidate: Thomas Dewey 1940
First candidate to win nomination: Thomas Dewey 1944
First candidate to be elected: JFK 1960
Last president: George HW Bush 1989-1993
Last serious candidate: Bob Dole 1996
Age of oldest cohort at time of first serious candidate: 39
Age of youngest cohort at time of last serious candidate: 72

Silent Generation
First serious candidate: RFK 1968
First candidate to win nomination: Walter Mondale 1984
First candidate to be elected: n/a
Last president: n/a
Last serious candidate: Bernie Sanders 2016?
Age of oldest cohort at time of first serious candidate: 43
Age of youngest cohort at time of last serious candidate: 74

Baby Boomers
First serious candidate: Al Gore 1988
First candidate to win nomination: Bill Clinton 1992
First candidate to be elected: Bill Clinton 1992
Last president: ??
Last serious candidate: ??
Age of oldest cohort at time of first serious candidate: 45

Generation X
First serious candidate:  Barack Obama 2008
First candidate to win nomination: Barack Obama 2008
First candidate to be elected: Barack Obama 2008
Last president: ??
Last serious candidate: ??
Age of oldest cohort at time of first serious candidate: 47

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  Whether Clinton or Trump, Baby Boomers will reclaim White House next year
Posted by: Dan '82 - 05-24-2016, 12:41 AM - Forum: Baby Boomers - Replies (5)


Quote:Ten years ago, a writer named Barack Obama recalled his fatigue with Baby Boomer politics, as epitomized by the battles in the 1990s between President Bill Clinton and House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections:
"I sometimes felt,’’ he wrote in The Audacity of Hope, “as if I were watching the psychodrama of the Baby Boom generation — a tale rooted in old grudges and revenge plots hatched on a handful of college campuses long ago — played out on the national stage."
Two years later, Obama personally ended a 16-year Boomer lock on the presidency. His campaign emphasis on consensus, dialogue and pragmatism seemed to rebuke the Boomer tendencies personified by his predecessors, Clinton and George W. Bush.


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  Human trafficking
Posted by: pbrower2a - 05-23-2016, 11:20 PM - Forum: Economics - No Replies

[/url][url=http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/5/23/1530069/-Two-Tennessee-pastors-included-in-32-arrests-for-human-trafficking-during-undercover-sting]Two Tennessee pastors are among 32 arrested for human trafficking during undercover sting*

Quote:“We want anyone responding to these ads to think there may be a TBI Agent on the other end of it.” —Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director Mark Gwyn 
According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), 32 people have been arrested in Knoxville, Tennessee for human trafficking during a 3-day undercover operation : 
Quote:KNOXVILLE – A three-day operation by Special Agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and detectives with the Knoxville Police Department to combat human trafficking in Knoxville has resulted in the arrest of 32 men and women on prostitution and human trafficking-related charges. Two of the men, including a children’s minister, responded to ads for what they thought were girls under the age of 18. The Knoxville anti-trafficking operation, called “Operation Someone Like Me”, is the fifth operation of its kind in the state between the TBI and partner agencies to help identify, investigate and prosecute trafficking, and rescue victims.
With the partnership including the Knoxville Police Department, Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking, End Slavery Tennessee, and Second Life Chattanooga, TBI Agents and intelligence analysts embarked on an undercover operation to identify potential victims of trafficking, arrest those seeking to purchase illicit sex from a juvenile, and learn more about the specific nuances of this type of crime.
Human traffickers all around us. If you’re buying or selling, you are part of the $150 billion business — and part of the crime. Two of the men arrested during the sting were church pastors. Jason Kennedy, a pastor for children aged birth through fifth grade at Grace Baptist Church responded to ads soliciting underaged girls. The TBI records say he negotiated a $100 fee for a half hour of sex with two females — one girl being a minor. The other pastor is Zubin Parakh of Lifehouse Church in Oak Ridge, right outside of Knoxville, was also charged for responding to an ad for sex with a female minor. Three hundred contacts were made in response to ads posted on Background.com (a google search shows the site no longer exists). 
The Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch calls human trafficking the “scourge on society” and states his department is committed to doing all that’s necessary to protect victims. TBI Assistant Special Agent Margie Quin said:
Quote:“We’re changing the conversation about human trafficking. These operations are designed to identify and help victims of trafficking, as well as take these predators off the street.
A public awareness campaign was launched last year in Tennessee called ItHasToStop. The operation also helps identify victims of sex/human trafficking and offers services that include housing, counseling and addiction treatment. 
Here is the WATE.com news video: 

Below are the names of the individuals charged in the human trafficking sting.
Quote:(I have removed the names for this post).
As for the victims of human trafficking, many are right in front of us in hotels, airplanes, nail salons, truck stops, in elder care centers ... they are held captive through coercion, force and threats. There are an estimated 20.9 million victims of human slavery, with 1.5 million in North America. Sex-trafficking is often the most common and most lucrative in the business of selling human beings. TED talk speaker Tony Talbott makes an incredibly disturbing summation about sex trafficking:
Quote:"It's all about the money. Human trafficking is insanely profitable. If you really think about it; Y[u]ou can sell a kilo of Heroin once; You can sell a 13-year-old girl 20 times a night, 365 days a year.”[/u]
In order to attenuate human trafficking, we need national discourse. Much can be prevented through awareness. For additional information, visit The National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC), online which operates 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can also call call 1-888-373-788 or text BeFree (233733).  If you suspect any kind of human trafficking, you can submit a tip to DHS or visit: ICE.gov.


*This is not an indictment of clergy as a whole. The people involved as traffickers, custody-keepers, and johns fit all ethnic, vocational, and religious divisions of humanity. Or, in view of the crime..."swine-dom"

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Tongue Welcome To The Modern Workplace!
Posted by: Bad Dog - 05-23-2016, 05:57 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (55)

Two managers, and about 10% of the engineering staff quit in the last month. One manger went to the VP of Ops, threw her badge down, and walked out.

The department VP then published a newsletter about how there would be no need to knock down a wall to make space for more staff, as there was plenty of space, now. they also published more strict policy guidelines. Also, 12 hour rotating shifts would continue.

The VP is an X. Smile

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  Would You Vote For Gary Johnson?
Posted by: Anthony '58 - 05-23-2016, 09:45 AM - Forum: General Political Discussion - Replies (13)

Remember when Jackie Gleason said, in an episode of The Honeymooners, "I'm goin' bowlin' - but I'm not goin' bowlin'"?

The Social Darwinist wing of the Republican Party can do essentially the same thing by throwing their support behind already-running Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson.  

They would be launching a third-party bid - but they wouldn't be launching a third-party bid!

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