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  Coming Age of Aquarius
Posted by: Isoko - 10-23-2020, 03:55 PM - Forum: Religion, Spirituality and Astrology - Replies (16)

So, this is my thoughts regarding the Age of Aquarius to come. It is something I have discussed recently with Eric and I thought we could continue to put thoughts together on what this age could mean, along with the future that it could bring. 

Aquarius is an interesting sign. It is the water bearer and it brings along the concept of air which is of course intellect. There is debates on what this intellect could itself bring. The last time we had an air mutation was around the 1980s to the 2000s which brought in advancements such as the Internet and political upheavals such as the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe. So we can get an idea of what is happening. 

We are due to enter the next great mutation, which is once again air, in a few short months. This itself will supposedly last for 199 years approximately. 

So, when did Aquarius start? From my own Occult research, I would say that Aquarius came into being around the late 19th century. I would guesstimate the 1890s but it could have been earlier.

So what actually changed? It started to give birth to the age of the individual which has been slowly replacing the former patriarchal societies that were part of the Pisces sign.

Aquarius has come into obvious conflicts with Pisces and this resulted in the two world wars, the cold War and now Islam and other authoritarian tendencies. Yet I feel its ultimate goal is to empower the individual and move away from traditional societies, in particular the heavy dominance of the nation state. 

Does that mean all nation states will disappear? No, a few will continue to exist, just as tribes still exist in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere. Just as Pagans still existed (albeit in small numbers) in Christian Europe, so too will some nations still exist. I predict that we could end up with one dominant global society in the next few centuries along with a few outliers still hanging about. Think of Israel, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Greece, North Korea.

However I expect Pisces to fully end by 2150 - 2160, which is interestingly enough the same time frame as Eric's prophecy. Yet I have two key ingredients to add to the mix on this one.

1) Russia. My research is indicating Russia has a huge role to play around the Middle 22nd century. Looks like the birth of some new church. Why does Russia fit in strongly at the same time Eric is predicting global world government? Could Russia have a major leading role in this? I'm not sure but Russia seems to crop up a lot.

Obviously I don't see any signs of this in modern day Putins Russia so this seems to be a far off future event. But even still, Russia for some reason keeps cropping up. I'd be interested to see if Eric has any thoughts more in depth in the role Russia could be playing in regards to this. 

2) Aquarius won't be a utopia. It won't be a golden age. I think we will have unity for a while but from what I've heard (although I cannot be hugely sure), there will be a dividing factor in the age. I tend to think of it like Brexit. Everything will be working but eventually start to decline and somebody decides to go their own way. But it'll be a long process before division sets in. For a while at least there will be more unity. 

The waves of Aquarius go up and down. There will be good spots and bad. But it will be something rather very different to the previous Piscean age we've lived in. 

You know, last year I read of an Indian astrologer who actually was able to add in the Hindu yugas to modern astrology. He found that the years of the yugas had been vastly over represented and found they actually fit neatly into modern astrology. Basing it off the Christian calendar, he found that the crucifixion brought in the modern kali yuga and we left it to the Dwarpara yuga (the age of energy) around about 1500s.

He predicted we'd sort of reach the next better yuga (the silver) around 4000AD, which is capricorn. So fitting this in with Aquarius, we are still very much in a bronze age and will likely continue to be in the nearby future. 

Any thoughts on this one Eric? 

Anyway ill leave it here. Thanks for reading.

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Posted by: jleagans - 10-21-2020, 02:47 PM - Forum: Homeland Generation/New Adaptive Generation - Replies (1)

The gen of the cliche topical name

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  4T = 9.11.01 -> 11.04.20
Posted by: jleagans - 10-21-2020, 02:41 PM - Forum: Turnings - Replies (27)

Calling it ! (And praying for it )

9/11 turned us down a dark road of polarization and enmity amidst the Boomer cognitive decline feeding it all.

This election the millennial soldiers save democracy itself and usher in the 1T.

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  Fascism is on the ballot
Posted by: Eric the Green - 10-10-2020, 10:04 PM - Forum: General Political Discussion - Replies (160)

This essay was prompted by seeing Rick Steves' program on fascism, and his warning that it can still happen here.

We now have a leader who wants to abolish democracy, and he is on the ballot. Trump is the reincarnation of Mussolini, and he is using his playbook. Trump wants to "get rid of the ballots" and install himself in power. He and his henchmen under McConnell have filled the Courts with reactionaries who will install him in power. Some of them have already restricted ballots in Wisconsin, and made qualified people pay to vote in Florida. More rulings may be coming. McConnell and Trump are now ramming through a fascist Christian ideologue onto the Supreme Court before the election so she can join 4 other reactionaries already appointed by him and Bush to install him in power.

Our new fuhrer/duce, our dear leader, has called on his brown shirts to "stand by." He has sent his goons to gas protesters in DC for a photo op, to execute a prisoner without trial in a hail of bullets, and to stoke riots in Portland and other cities. He has asked that they defend his stand to stay in power in Washington and in his White House bunker. He has called on his Attorney General not only to defend him against charges about his personal behavior, and hold him above the law in his dispute with New York, but now to explicitly arrest all his political opponents and put them in jail. "Why haven't Hillary, Obama and Biden been arrested yet?" he cries, almost sounding like Hitler who shouted "Is Paris burning yet?" in 1944. 

And yet this dictator, this fascist tyrant, is still on the ballot, and currently still has 42% of deceived, angry, fearful, prejudiced Americans like Classic Xer at his beck and call, ready to march and, as Classic Xer says, wipe out all his opponents. The new fascist ideology, though it has much in common with those a century ago and others around the world today, is also uniquely American. It not only subordinates everything to the state, but conceives this state according to supposed "Americanism." It is called neo-liberalism, which has not hestitated to support dictators like Pinochet in the past, as long as they keep big business from being taxed and regulated and keep an established economic elite in power. That is the fascist goal, an untrammeled "free enterprise" system that takes away all real freedom. Only people of "good Christian character" who oppose abortion and believe in a totalitarian God above us are capable of being good capitalist Americans, who are willing and able march in lockstep with whatever their bosses command. I have described this plague in my essay on free market ideology

This neo-liberalism is largely based in racism, using it as a dog whistle or a TRUMPet to appeal to resentment against taxes for welfare for "those people" who "depend on government" and "don't work," and the neo-liberals thus encourage and stoke white supremacy. Fear of America's increasing diversity through immigration and civil rights movements is the easiest and most reliable fear and prejudice that the oligarchs and their believers can appeal to in order to get support for their all-out attack on democracy, Nature and civilization. They empower and encourage their police to kill innocent young people of color, and when these people of color and their allies object and sometimes lash out, it is the first excuse to impose martial law on everyone. Along with that is the always reliable misogyny, which they can call upon to preserve male values and keep women in subordination.

This American fascist ideology is especially anti-intellectual and against individualist thinking. Since the 1970s one of its chief goals has been to denigrate education and privatize schools. They demolish Jefferson's and Horace Mann's ideals of an informed citizenry able to attend good schools and learn civics no matter what economic class or religion you belong to, and instead insult and demean teachers and restrict their funding and their unions. More recently they have targeted America's universities, the most outstanding in the world and the source of our economic wealth and scientific prowess, as "an elite" that seeks to impose political correctness and suppress free speech. Using this phony attack, they aim to relegate our universities to oblivion and to attack, demean, insult and fire our professors. They substitute this "elite" for the real one that they support and bankroll, the real elite which seeks to put our country lock, stock and barrel under the control of a few rich plutocrats who call all the shots, and who own our congress and our government through their supreme court decisions which equate money with free speech. Using their ownership of economic power to shut down all reform in congress, and block it in our Courts and through voter suppression, American fascists increasingly allow their oligarchic leaders to impose lousy working conditions, depress wages, replace workers with robots, shut down factories, swallow up real free businesses, cut social programs, health care and safety nets, ruin the economy with unregulated speculation justified by anti-socialist slogans, despoil our environment beyond repair, keep enormous profits for themselves, and send jobs overseas. They attack the media as the enemy of the people, and eagerly get on board with rising anti-scientific conspiracy theory culture to instill substitution of fantasy for real research and data, thus furthering their own ability to deceive the people.

People must decide now whether to allow this American fascism to succeed. Are we to go the way of fascist Germany and Italy? Franco's Spain or Chile's Pinochet? Donald Trump the fascist must be defeated at the polls by the largest margin we can muster, perhaps even dwarfing previous landslides, and flip his Senate Democratic too. Trump's project of getting legislators to substitute loyal trump electors for those elected by the people must be stopped, and his Court decisions overturned if possible. His fascist project of sending his armed "poll watcher" brown shirts in MAGA hats to intimidate voters at the polls must be exposed and countered. His plan of sending his proud boys and militias to invade Washington to prop him up in power must be defeated. His new fascist supreme court must be blocked and reformed by any means necessary, and the Senate filibuster reformed, so that the people can pass the needed reforms to stop this emerging fascism, and to free our society from 40 years of trickle-down, free-market, neo-liberalism ideology which has led us to this moment of potential doom. 

The people need action. It is urgent not only because of the fascist threat that could end our democracy and our republic, but the threats to our future, our safety and our prosperity that 40 years of incipient neo-liberalism has created since the charming faux-macho actor created the culture and ideology that is now out there clamouring for their new dear leader and their nation under their exclusive "God" and against "communism." The defeat of American fascism offers the momentum and the chance to build back better: to support sustainable, renewable energy and other measures to restore our climate and revitalize the Nature which restores and supports us, to jump-start our public and civics education, to create new jobs in new industries, science and health care, to unleash full prosperity by opening up our democracy and economy to all, to cure the pandemic in which Trump has imprisoned us, and to free us from division and resentment, and foster instead a new American life of openness, love, art, spirit and celebration.

It is not at all clear now that fascism (now called the Trumpist Republican Party) can be defeated and put out of power. All hands on deck, democrats and Democrats! Now and through the 2020s and beyond if necessary!

Fourteen Defining Characteristics of Fascism

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  Michigan plot, October 2020
Posted by: pbrower2a - 10-09-2020, 02:25 PM - Forum: General Political Discussion - Replies (10)

(taken from a rarely-read board that I tried to revive)

Literal TREASON against a state:

by: Adam Fisher
Posted: Oct 8, 2020 / 10:36 AM EDT / Updated: Oct 8, 2020 / 12:25 PM EDT

LANSING, Mich (WLNS)- 6 News has learned, State law enforcement stopped a ‘massive statewide’ plot to kidnap and kill Michigan Governor.

Six men already faces federal charges in that plot, and authorities say, they even went as far as to find and watch her vacation home and building bombs, authorities say.
A document filed in federal court Tuesday identifies the suspects as Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Ty Garbin, Kaleb Franks, Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta.

In the criminal complaint, an FBI agent wrote that talk of targeting the governor surfaced as early as June as Fox and other members of an unnamed militia met in Ohio. They were angry about Whitmer’s mandates issued in response to the coronavirus that shut down businesses.
The documents show that as conversations continued over the following months, sometimes at tactical training gatherings, a more firm plan formed.

“Fox described it as a ‘Snatch and grab, man. Grab the (expletive) Governor. Just grab the (expletive). Because that that point, we do that, dude — it’s over,’” the criminal complaint reads in part.

According to the document, the militia members talked about storming the state Capitol in Lansing and killing police officers, but Garbin shut that idea down. It was then the focus turned to the governor’s vacation home. The suspects allegedly figured out where that house was and went there Aug. 29 to scope it out.

Fox ultimately bought a Taser to use in the attack. In addition to discussing various bombings, Garbin suggested blowing up a nearby bridge in an effort to slow the police response.

The plan was to take Whitmer to Wisconsin and hold a kangaroo court trial for treason.
There was talk of actually carrying out the plan on the night of Sept. 12 and Sept. 13, but Croft thought the time was not right, so the suspects held off. They wanted to do it before the Nov. 3 election.

Fox had been staying at the Vac Shack at the intersection of S. Division Avenue and 36th Street in Grand Rapids, which was raided by the FBI Wednesday.
The store’s owner Brian Titus told News 8 he has known Fox since he was a child. He said he knew Fox was in a militia, but didn’t know how serious his anti-government opinions had gotten.

“I thought he was just trying to stand up for our constitutional rights,” Titus, clearly upset, said.

He said Fox had “changed” in the last eight months, objecting to wearing a mask because he thought it was a violation of his rights. Titus said he attended a protest of militia members at the state Capitol over the summer.

All the suspects except for Croft, who is from Delaware, are from Michigan. Harris lives in Lake Orion.

The Michigan Attorney General will Join both the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan, and Eastern District of Michigan, as well as the FBI, and Michigan State Police Colonial at 1 PM to discuss the plot, and their investigation.

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Happening today at 1 PM Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel will make a joint announcement with several law enforcement officials across the state.
Those officials include:

  • Andrew Birge, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan

  • Matthew Schneider, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan

  • Josh Hauxhurst, Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge, F.B.I.

  • Michigan State Police Col. Joseph Casper

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  Sunset for Golden Dawn (Greek fascists)
Posted by: pbrower2a - 10-07-2020, 11:06 AM - Forum: Beyond America - Replies (3)

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — A Greek court ruled on Wednesday that the far-right Golden Dawn party was operating as a criminal organization, delivering landmark guilty verdicts following a politically charged five-year trial against dozens of defendants.

The court ruled that seven of the 18 former lawmakers, including Nikos Michaloliakos, the head of the party which had become Greece’s third largest during the country’s financial crisis, were guilty of leading a criminal organization. The others were found guilty of participating in a criminal organization.

As news of the guilty verdicts broke, cheers and celebrations erupted among the crowd of at least 20,000 people gathered in an anti-fascist rally outside the Athens courthouse. A small group threw Molotovs and stones, with police responding with tear gas and water cannon.

The marathon trial had been assessing four cases rolled into one: the 2013 fatal stabbing of Greek rap singer Pavlos Fyssas, physical attacks on Egyptian fishermen in 2012 and on left-wing activists in 2013, and whether Golden Dawn was operating as a criminal organization.

The 68 defendants included the 18 former lawmakers from the party that was founded in the 1980s as a neo-Nazi organization and rose in prominence during the country’s decade-long financial crisis.
“It feels like a day of victory in Greece,” said Antonis Fourlis, editor-in-chief of HuffPost Greece. “It’s a great relief for all Greeks that after all the country has gone through with the economic crisis and now COVID-19, that there is still hope.”

Fourlis said ahead of the decision the leaders of Greece’s political parties all issued statements condemning Golden Dawn. “It’s a step forward for the political system. All political parties except a small far-right group are hailing the judgment, which sends Golden Dawn out of the political spectrum as criminals.”

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said the verdict “ends a traumatic cycle” in the country’s public life.“Its political dimension has, fortunately, been judged by the victory of democracy, which expelled the Nazi formation from Parliament (in elections),” he said. “Now, the independent judiciary is giving its own answer.”

The three-member panel of judges also found Giorgos Roupakias guilty of the murder of Fyssas, prompting applause inside the courtroom and among the crowd outside. Roupakias had been accused of being a party supporter who delivered the fatal stab wounds to Fyssas. Another 15 defendants — none of them former lawmakers — were convicted as accomplices.

“The ruling demonstrates that they were just a gang of knife-wielding thugs who took their orders from the top,” said Thanassis Kambayiannis, one of the lawyers representing the fishermen.

After the verdicts, defense lawyers began summations ahead of sentencing, a process that could last several days. Those convicted of leading a criminal organization face up to 15 years in prison, while the others face up to 10 years. Roupakias faces a life sentence.

“Today marks a huge victory for justice and respect for Greece and the entire world,” Eva Cosse, Greece researcher at Human Rights Watch, told The Assoicated Press. “It sends a strong message that hate crimes are not and should not be tolerated in a democratic society.”


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Posted by: Marypoza - 10-05-2020, 11:58 AM - Forum: Special Topics/G-T Lounge - Replies (3)

Let's all wish Eric a very Happy Birthday!! Smile

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  Report: $2 TRILLION in money laundering
Posted by: pbrower2a - 09-25-2020, 04:12 PM - Forum: Economics - Replies (2)

People do not launder money for the fun of it. They do so to hide assets, evade taxes, or make criminal income (as through drugs, embezzlement, and various forms of fraud). 

Quote:Thousands of documents detailing $2 trillion (£1.55tn) of potentially corrupt transactions that were washed through the US financial system have been leaked to an international group of investigative journalists.

The leak focuses on more than 2,000 suspicious activity reports (SARs) filed with the US government’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

Banks and other financial institutions file SARs when they believe a client is using their services for potential criminal activity.
However, the filing of an SAR does not require the bank to cease doing business with the client in question.
The documents were provided to BuzzFeed News, which shared them with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

The documents are said to suggest major banks provided financial services to high-risk individuals from around the world, in some cases even after they had been placed under sanctions by the US government.

According to the ICIJ the documents relate to more than $2tn of transactions dating from between 1999 and 2017.
One of those named in the SARs is Paul Manafort, a political strategist who led Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign for several months.

He stepped down from the role after his consultancy work for former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych was exposed, and he was later convicted of fraud and tax evasion.

According to the ICIJ, banks began flagging activity linked to Manafort as suspicious beginning in 2012. In 2017 JP Morgan Chase filed a report on wire transfers worth over $300m involving shell companies in Cyprus that had done business with Manafort.
The ICIJ said Manafort’s lawyer did not respond to an invitation to comment.

A separate report details over $1bn in wire transfers by JP Morgan Chase that the bank later came to suspect were linked to Semion Mogilevich, an alleged Russian organised crime boss who is named on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list.

A JP Morgan Chase spokesperson told the BBC: “We follow all laws and regulations in support of the government’s work to combat financial crimes. We devote thousands of people and hundreds of millions of dollars to this important work.”

According to BBC Panorama, the British bank HSBC allowed a group of criminals to transfer millions of dollars from a Ponzi scheme through its accounts, even after it had identified their fraud.

HSBC said in a statement: “Starting in 2012, HSBC embarked on a multi-year journey to overhaul its ability to combat financial crime across more than 60 jurisdictions.” It added: “HSBC is a much safer institution than it was in 2012.”
In a statement released earlier this month FinCEN condemned the disclosure of the leaked documents and said it had referred the matter to the US Department of Justice.

“The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network is aware that various media outlets intend to publish a series of articles based on unlawfully disclosed suspicious activity reports (SARs), as well as other sensitive government documents, from several years ago,” it stated.

“As FinCEN has stated previously, the unauthorised disclosure of SARs is a crime that can impact the national security of the United States, compromise law enforcement investigations, and threaten the safety and security of the institutions and individuals who file such reports.”

Filed Under Criminal Knowledge!
(The acronym should be obvious).

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  Protest Song Thread
Posted by: gabrielle - 09-24-2020, 10:22 AM - Forum: Entertainment and Media - Replies (28)

What are your favorite protest songs? From your generation, or from any generation. Include title, artist, and year of release. The angrier, the better.

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  The 4T Generational Constellations - Red v Blue
Posted by: sbarrera - 09-21-2020, 10:12 PM - Forum: Turnings - Replies (68)

In their turnings theory, the authors bring up the idea of the "Generational Constellation" - all the generations together in their different phases of life, each generation bringing its collective peer personality into that phase of life, all interacting to create the social mood of the turning. In the Fourth Turning, the constellation consists of visionary elder Prophets, pragmatic mid-life Nomads, heroic young adult Heroes and suffocated child Artists. 

And then there is this Fourth Turning, with its deep partisan divide and uncompromising, all or nothing politics. As we come up to what is likely to be a contested election, I recall the contested election of twenty years ago, which was around when we started hearing the terms "red zone" and "blue zone" to describe, respectively, the conservative and liberal sides of the political split. Since that divide is so entrenched now, I am led to believe that we actually have two different generational constellations - one red, and the other blue.

I'm just going to leave out the Artist generation and think about who the stereotypical people are who belong to each of the two constellations.

Red Zone Constellation

Prophets - fundamentalist leaders, Covid-denying governors, Trump supporters glued to Fox News
Nomads - paunchy militia members, anti-maskers, Karens caught on viral video
Heroes - Charlottesville marchers, Proud Boys, 4chan & r/the_donald

Blue Zone Constellation

Prophets - embattled journalists, postmodern academics, Covid-aware governors
Nomads - hipster Dads, social media Moms, pandemic managers
Heroes - wokesters, #BLM protesters, antifa

Consider that Heroes of both stripes are coming out en masse, goaded by their respective media machines, and some are dying for their side of the conflict. Two constellations at war.

I've been a little glib in my descriptions and would love to hear more ideas.

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