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A Malaise Speech for the Current Time
(03-29-2017, 02:20 PM)Galen Wrote:
(03-29-2017, 01:30 PM)Kinser79 Wrote: I feel the need to bring up several points to rebut this long screed.

Beechnut79 Wrote:The recent defeat of healthcare reform, rather sarcastically referred to as Trumpcare, went down to defeat last week. Who was reinforcing the need to see its defeat?

Actually among the politcially active it was primarily called Ryancare or Obamacare Lite.  The need to defeat it came straight from the administration through reverse psychological methods.  I don't expect the MSM commentariat to understand the psychology of GOP reps, nor do I expect the likes of Odin to understand it either.  When the President's Chief strategist is openly telling Reps to vote for something--it is in their very nature to give him the middle finger.

Pretty much what I thought except that I think the real target is Ryan.  Given Ryan's past behavior toward Trump it would be just like him to sink Ryan as Speaker.  This also gives Trump the bonus of having the Dims still owning Obozocare as the system continues to collapse.  This is what I have come to expect from Trump and is why his apparent mistakes seems to work out in the end.

I don't think he actually makes mistakes--or at least not many.  I think he's playing a completely different game than the Establishment.  Just like how he campaigned was completely different from campaigns that came before.  Relying more on the Meme Team, the internet and the like as opposed to Tee-Vee and MSM.

I have said in other threads that Trump had to get rid of Ryan (who is a dangerous snake), however, he has to do so without getting his hands dirty.  So, get him to initiate a major proposal, attempt to force it through the House and then throw a wrench into the machine just as it's about to hit the floor so the whole bill blows up.

Over all who ends up owning Obamacare?  The Dims.  Who has egg all over his face?  Ryan.  Who ends up getting a new speaker eventually?  Trump.  Ryan wasted a lot of political capital on Ryancare, he can't afford too many more mistakes before the Republican Caucus decides it's time for someone else.  I would suggest Louie Gohmert.
It really is all mathematics.

Turn on to Daddy, Tune in to Nationalism, Drop out of UN/NATO/WTO/TPP/NAFTA/CAFTA Globalism.

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