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County Libertarian Party organizes trash pickup
County Libertarian Party organizes trash pickup
Good on them.

Every day the walls grow higher and the number of surveillance cameras increase.

10 families own half the wealth of the world and control 7 billion people. The elites have the NWO, the Great Reset, and Agenda 2030.

The globalists are pure evil and want everything.

The 1% want your house, cars, kids, wife, and your life. The ruling powers have flat-out said that you will soon own nothing, property will be nationalized, you will rent your clothes from the elites, and be eating worms and weeds.

The ruling class will cull the 99% with abortion, birth control, suicides, starvation, and war.

66% of Americans will be dead by 2025.

The globalists control Hollywood, the media, Wall Street, and government.

The ruling powers push immorality and welfare, blackmail or give campaign donations and cushy job promises to politicians, hire shills, and censor, give IRS audits, arrest, torture, and kill critics.

Anyone who disobeys the elites cannot travel, drive, work, start a business, buy a home, have a bank account, own guns, get medical care, get welfare, or go to college.

All patriots can offer is freedom and personal responsibility.

What do you think when 75% of the businesses in your town have been wiped out and Americans wearing masks and MAGA hats look you in the eye and say that the only possible solution to the flu is to put everyone under house arrest, Communism is wonderful, redlight cameras don't exist, and toothpicks must be banned?

Complete insanity.

Libertarians can't help feeling powerless, but never give up.

Buy gold, guns, ammo, and food and buy a sailboat or move to South Dakota today.

Pass the word.

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