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This may be the last presidential election dominated by Boomers and prior generations

Quote:For the past few decades, presidential elections have been dominated by voters of the Baby Boom and previous generations, who are estimated to have cast a majority of the votes. But their election reign may end this November, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of census data.

[Image: FT_16.08.26_votingGenerationsVotesCast-1.png]

Baby Boomers and prior generations have cast the vast majority of votes in every presidential election since 1980, data from the Census Bureau’s November Current Population Survey voting supplement show. In 2012, Boomers and previous generations accounted for 56% of those who said they voted. And these generations dominated earlier elections to an even greater degree....
(08-29-2016, 01:05 PM)X_4AD_84 Wrote: I think we have reached the cross over point. Especially when one factors in GI, Silents and Boomers who are incapacitated by the ravages of time. Whereas, Millennials are now in the 11 - 35 age range. A "yuge" generation. Just the ones between 18 and 35 are a large number.

How about doing a study on when this crossover occurred for previous turnings?  The necessary data is at Howe's site.
Keep in mind that the generational theory places the break points a bit differently than does the popular press.  In the original generations book, boomers start in birth year 1941 and end in birth year 1960, and X outnumbers boomers and have for a while now.

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