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They finally like Gen X !!!
(09-08-2016, 03:19 PM)Warren Dew Wrote:
(09-08-2016, 02:34 PM)taramarie Wrote:
(09-08-2016, 07:27 AM)Odin Wrote:
(09-08-2016, 07:02 AM)Warren Dew Wrote: It's part of the learning process, I agree.  But the manager also has a legitimate interest in keeping the mistakes from causing too much damage, thus the hovering.  You can't legitimately complain about the hovering if you're making mistakes.

The learning process should mean you learn from your mistake and don't make it any more.  Unless you're a very slow learner, that means that in most jobs, you'll soon be avoiding mistakes, and the hovering will stop.  The bottom line is the same:  if you want the hovering to stop, stop making mistakes.

People hovering around me causes me to make MORE mistakes.

Yep,you get it. It is the same as people watching me when i draw. Hence i try to draw in private. This Warren is so unrealistic it is insane. You learn from one mistake sure but there will always be something to learn and make a mistake from!!!

At a Dunkin' Donuts?  There aren't that many things to do that you can make mistakes on.  People who keep finding new ways to make mistakes on the same old tasks definitely deserve the term incompetent.

Working fast food is not an easy task. Not from the management end or the production end.

Dunkin has perhaps the most streamlined production system imaginable, but some things require a great deal of forethought. Donut production in particular you have to start at a certain time to get your daily quota finished on time, and even then you have to juggle the demands of bought in, and in store produced items. It is not an easy task, furthermore in large part, for overnight finishers--they need to be able to do this with a maximum of two weeks of training and a minimum of supervision.
It really is all mathematics.

Turn on to Daddy, Tune in to Nationalism, Drop out of UN/NATO/WTO/TPP/NAFTA/CAFTA Globalism.
(11-20-2016, 12:47 AM)GenX420 Wrote: Gen X got a bum rap. I think we are very hard working and conscientious.

Boomers had to have a place to project their shadow. Isn't that what Xers are here for?

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