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The Next 10 Years: A Deep Sense of Foreboding
Check out the online videos of Peter Zeihan.  He has some interesting views about how world affairs are about to unfold.

Zeihan is the author of The Accidental Superpower and The Absent Superpower..
(02-24-2017, 06:52 PM)X_4AD_84 Wrote: One must wonder, what comes after a Hitler?

What we now have -- mass loathing of anything resembling Hitler.  Images of the camps are seared into my head ... and I was born ten years after the war. I ask myself what people could have ever done to get themselves into such a plight. Being Jewish?  I look at Judaism as "Christianity without Jesus" (which may be too simplistic for Jews -- my apology!); I have known Jews and have found nothing objectionable about them. I look at Nazis through the Christian mindset that I can never quite escape and I see the most egregious sins possible.

Quote:I am not referring to what actually happened at the end of WW2.

I am referring to what comes organically, if the reign of that type of totalitarian fiend crosses a certain threshold, where even the tyrant's lieutenants can no longer abide.

I suspect the answer would be, a junta takes over. That's what was brewing in Nazi Germany. Hitler's days were numbered, even if the Russian punch through and the Allied operation Overlord has not gone well.

We can only imagine what would have followed the July 20 coup.

 Suppose that plotters had cut the phone wires to the lair of Josef Goebbels, the man who unraveled the plot. Or that the plotters had simply killed him. By cutting the wires they could have silenced him at a critical time and arrested him. This was more important than the bomb killing the Antichrist Incarnate.  The Holocaust comes to an abrupt end. Maybe the new government protects Jews by drafting all Jewish males into the German Army. The least objectionable of German generals, Erwin Rommel, is put in charge of them.

The plotters would have sued for peace. But in the chaos I can see the Allies willing to cut some deal. Generals Beck and Witzleben would have had to sign peace treaties. In the meantime ther chaos begins. The Polish Home Army takes over in Poland and establishes a non-Communist government and starts exacting revenge upon the SS for atrocities in Poland. Most of the Wehrmacht is willing to cooperate . King Michael of Romania has his coup about a month earlier. Fascist Italy and Vichy France collapse quickly. Revolutions break out in occupied countries.

The Allies would have gotten what they claimed to want in recent conferences without having to do any more fighting. But th at is not too difficult an exercise. Sacrificing Nazi war criminals to avoid occupation, and victims of Nazi aggression self-liberate?  Better than fighting.

Quote:In our case, what will follow Trump?

Will he be impeached?

Or, will he be removed in a manner that we have not yet experienced here in the US, and will it result in a terrible Constitutional crisis - the end of "The 1st Republic of the USA."

I consider a military coup possible, especially if it can be shown that the President was elected with the aid of vote fraud.  If he got elected with the aid of vote fraud, then so did some US Senators. Democrats seemed likely to win as many as eight Senate seats in a reverse wave of 2010. They got two.

Do 2016 over? That is Constitutionally messy, but it might be right.
The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the dedicated Communist  but instead the people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists -- Hannah Arendt.


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