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Finding the 6 Turnings pattern elsewhere.
I completed my politics PhD thesis in December last year and am now wanting to undertake a Postdoc concerning the political sociology of Anglo-American historical and generational cycles: scrutinising, modifying and expanding upon Strauss and Howe's generational theory. [See attached] I have identified a similar, though significantly different cycle that appears to have begun in the late 14th century and which came undone during the Stuart dynasty in Britain but remained strong in the US. The pattern re-emerged in the UK. It's been present since at least the Great Depression. There is also some evidence that the pattern has been present in German history for a number of centuries, perhaps since the 30 Years War. I'm wondering whether there is some connection between the pattern and the values associated with Protestantism (rather than Catholicism or High Church Anglicanism). The emergence of the pattern coincided with the beginnings of lollardy. Can anyone here familiar with Strauss and Howe take the cycle back further than the Great Depression in Britain? Is it at all present in Canadian or New Zealand history? I can see it present in Australian history since at least the Depression, but perhaps it goes back further.

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