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Theory: cyclical generational hormone levels behind the four turnings and archetypes
There is a growing amount of evidence of varying hormone levels between the four generations, which may very well be the explanation behind the four archetypes in S&H generational theory.

Here is the link:

- Chapter 3 is very thin on purpose. Much more could be said about generations, but at the moment this is kept to a minimum.
- I could transfer the theory to this page, but unfortunately currently the forum rules do not allow editing of old posts...
- Feedback is welcome! No discussion about politics or religion (if possible)!

Below is the short animation where oxytocin is 'sin' and vasopressin is 'cos'. Oxytocin hits the high mark at the beginning of a 4th turning and vasopressin at the end of a 4th turning. To very quickly and adequately characterize the hormones, oxytocin primarily enhances social connectivity from parenting to civic cooperation, while vasopressin is the more aggressive version of the two hormones. To give a short example, millennials presumably have high levels of oxytocin and low levels of vasopressin.

[Image: sine-cosine-illustrated-animated-gif-image.gif]
Vasopressin? The same stuff which is "antidiuretic", so it reabsorbs water in the body (says WP)? What does that even mean?

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