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Transmigration of Souls and Anacyclosis (256 years) "Shocking Content"
Keywords :

Transcendent Theory of History, Transmigration of Souls, Kabbalistic Matrix, Anacyclosis (256 years), Deep Psychology, Isaac Louriah, Cyclic Cosmology, Partsufim, Breaking of Symmetries, Topological Defects, Fall of Civilizations,
Group of Seven (G7), Shevirath HaKelim, Prophetic Patterns, 256 Mitzvot, 256 Rules of Wolfram, Metatron's Cube, Digital Philosophy, Cybernetics, Metaphysics, Carnot Cycle, Thermodynamics, Phase Transitions, Wars and Revolutions, Complex Systems, Thermosociology, Cellular Automaton, Hard Determinism, Free-Will, Synchronicity, Carl Jung, Anatoly Fomenko, Recentism, Reccurent Historical Events, Emergent Properties, Crystallography, Reincarnation, Nick Bostrom, Simulation Hypothesis.

I post here some graphics i work on. They are mainly in French since i come from Quebec, Canada. They are related to Metaphysics, people who are not aware of those things should watch carefully what Kabbalists are talking about. Some people believe Universal History have been made by man and is the product of a large scale fraud. (Anatoly Fomenko) It appear that a Thermodynamic Cycle of 256 years repeat itself through the ages and it match the Prophetic Writings of the Old Testament. The Chain of Causality and the Events that follows, tends to reform and to take the same shapes or patterns like what could be seen in crystallography. The 32 personnalities visibles among individuals are like the 32 classes of crystals.

The concepts are transcendent, it means that they are in some way allusive. They are not only referring to history, but to cosmology, sociology, biology, genetics, particle physics, economy, religion, system theory, metaphysics, and so on... Scientists who could master those theoritical concepts could not only predict the future wars, revolutions and economic crisis, but could also predict the genetic diseases affecting anyone based on their birth time.

I can't explain what i see by myself, because it depends at which level of understanding the observers are. Some people could watch them and find them too simple.

It depends on their abilities to "connect the dots" or if they perceive the reality on a concrete way (i mean literally) or if their minds are able to transcend all the science domains. There is no opposition between Science and Religion.
The debate between "scientism" and "naive religiousity" is purely fictive and stand on the incomprehension, narrow-minded and prejudiciable view that ...

The most important part is not printed in the graphics, it's in your head.

So Cyclic Cosmology (256 Phases Cellular Automaton at Planck Scale) and Polybius Anacyclosis (256 years) are based on the same principles. Wars and Revolutions follow periodic patterns that match the 256 types of psyche (Kabbalists call them the 248 Limbs of Adam Harishon) emerging from the 16 Breaking of Symmetries that follow the Great RESET (Could it be the Big Bang, the Birth of a Nation, a Revolution or the Collapse of a Civilization, etc...). So Humanity each 16 years face and have to solve societal crisis who are the reflections of the dominant Intrapsychics conflicts presents in the generation of that time... to accomplish the Tikkun that lead to the final restoration of the great soul of Adam who sinned in the Garden of Eden.

Each block of 256 years, contains events that repeat themselves with a mathematical precision in a predictible way. What the Kabbalists are saying is that the people (or the souls) present today are the same one as the ones who lived in the ancient times. The process is called "Gilgul Neshamot". The Revolutions of Souls. Crisis, like the sephirotic configurations or the balance of freudian topics in the mind obey symmetrical patterns and can be opposed in a 256 squares 16x16 matrix octeract Hasse diagram. Political ideologies who found their origins in the collective unconcious rise and fall following a 128 years cycle and rebuild themselves to reemerge 128 years later.

The partsufim (Faces of God) described in Kabbalistic Textbooks are the Breaking of Symmetries that shape the whole reality, from the microcosmic level to the macrocosmic one of Galaxies. Atik Yomin, Arikh Anpin, Abba, Imnma, Zeir Anpin and Nukbah corresponds to specific parts of the Carnot Cycle, they are the personifications of the Transitory Phases of a Thermodynamic Cycle.

[Image: Matrice-de-Daniel.png]

Works :

Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) (Rav Hayyim Vital)
Sepher Ha-Gilgulim (Transmigration of Souls) (Rav Hayyim Vital)
Pardès Rimonim (32 Gates) (Rav Moshe Cordovero)

Living Systems Theory (James Grier Miller) / Sephirothic System / Tree of Life

Monadology (Gottfried Leibniz)

Kabbala Denudata (Knorr Von Rosenroth)

James Ussher Chronology (Prophetic Work) (Events related not before Christ but after) (End : 4004 AD)

The Red Book (Carl Jung)

Seder Olam sive Ordo Seculorum (The Order of Ages) (Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont)
Adumbratio Kabbalae Christianae (Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont)

137: Jung, Pauli, and the Pursuit of a Scientific Obsession (Arthur Miller)
[Image: Arik-Anpin.png]
[Image: Sociologie-et-R-volutions-de-mes.png]
[Image: Pr-ceptes-Manquants-Gilgoulim.png]
[Image: R-parations-du-Cr-ne.png]
[Image: 256-voies-m-taboliques.png]
You're even crazier than Eric the Green.

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