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More Blacks See Gun Ownership As Civil Rights Cause

Quote:Despite black legislators' championing in Congress of gun restrictions, many African Americans see gun ownership as an important civil rights cause, in the spirit of abolitionist Frederick Douglass’ comment in 1867 that a man’s rights lay in three boxes: “the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box,” McClatchy Newspapers reports. Fifty four percent of blacks see gun ownership as a good thing, compared with 29 percent just two years ago, reports a Pew Center survey...
Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a rough ride.
"It was better with them that were slain by the sword, than with them that died with hunger, for these pined away being consumed for want of the fruits of the earth" - Lamentations 4:9
(07-17-2016, 04:21 PM)Anthony Wrote: Fasten your seat belts.  It's going to be a rough ride.


The reports on the latest shooting of Baton Rouge police often quote the word 'Heinous.'  I don't disagree.  I'd have to agree wholly.

The problem is that the police and justice department treatment of blacks also fits the word.  It's almost a given, when you have an escalating spiral of violence, that each side sees the other's actions as heinous, that a proper response is to intimidate the other side to back down.

At this point in the spiral, it doesn't take many to escalate things.  There are only a few bad cops.  There are only a few black shooters.  However, given today's media coverage patterns, a few is enough.

Again, I'm seeing a shift in tactics, in approach.  There are reports of multiple shooters with long arms.  In both case the shooters shot from ambush.  It will be difficult for police to do their jobs if they are constantly watching for ambush.  It seems the intent was to take down a few targets then survive free to shoot again another day.  As in Dallas, if this was the intent, they didn't break off quickly enough.

The government may have more control of the escalation than the black community.  In theory the government is organized, can change rules of engagement, can decide whether to become more aggressive towards blacks or to correct questionable behaviors.  There isn't a dominant figure advocating black violence yet, someone like Malcolm X back in the awakening.  Black Lives Matter might start to speak for those advocating non-violent means, but there is a leadership vacuum on the violent side.

Not sure where things go from here, but the spiral does seem to have ticked up a notch.  I also don't know how much Trump's attitude is contributing.
And he did it with an AR-15.

Will the right now start to do the same about-face on guns that they have just done with Glass-Steagall?
"It was better with them that were slain by the sword, than with them that died with hunger, for these pined away being consumed for want of the fruits of the earth" - Lamentations 4:9

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