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Will a nationalist/cosmopolitan divide be the political axis of the coming saeculum?
Sorry But the Cultural and Political cosmopolitans have largely discredited the American System with the people over the past 35 to 40 years due to fact that they have stopped governing consensually. The government has tyrannically ignored the citizens views whenever those views contradicted the dominant cosmopolitanism of the political leadership. This coupled with the governments incompetence and political division has lead many citizens to simply ignore what DC wants.
(01-17-2020, 02:25 PM)Eric the Green Wrote: That means it will re-establish hedonism, but also classical moral virtues which cannot possibly be based on Extropianism, as far as I can tell, because character and personality are the outcome of spiritual practice and not the outcome of technological manipulation.

You don't understand what Extropianism is. It's primarily a moral philosophy. Intuitively, extropy is the measure of complexity or interestingness of an entity. Technology is just a means to the end, which is increasing extropy.

Extropian ethics fits classical human moral intuitions quite well. Murder is bad, because a living person has more extropy than a dead body. Procreation is usually good, because it creates a new living person, unless there is an overpopulation problem. Lying is immoral because it forces another being to assimilate useless data, and waste energy. Work is good because it contributes more extropy to the social system.

See also another account of Extropianism and criticism of competing moral philosophies:

There is no need to bring back hedonism, because it's rampant in millennial culture. The next Awakening will probably feature something like the Missionaries' social purity movements, to fight internet porn, social media and all the rot left from the Millennial Saeculum entertainment.

Quote: Another question is just what survival of life beyond Earth and the millions or 1 billion years we may still have here will consist of. It may not be about colonizing space, but instead learning to travel between dimensions and ascend to spiritual dimensions as described in the Celestine Prophecy, a huge bestseller in the 1990s, and as demonstrated 2000 years ago by Jesus.

You have zero proofs that such realms exist at all. There might be life and other interesting things happening in the dark matter/dark energy sector of the universe, and possibly accounts of gods, angels and demons derive from contact with a dark sector civilization. But this is wild speculation, while the Solar System and the wider Galaxy certainly exist. If we turn our backs on space, we stagnate and die off.

Quote:That means it will further the new age ethos and worldviews, which mean a departure from the outdated physicalism and enlightenment rationalism as a primary and limiting basis for understanding, and while not rejecting them will be making them subordinate to spiritualism again as during the sixties/seventies awakening. Psychic and spiritual worlds will be further opened to us. This new worldview has been evolving through science, philosophy and spiritual awakenings for decades now, and was a major part of the sixties awakening, which will be fulfilled and expanded in the 2040s awakening. The general trend of culture is to develop new worldviews and reject gradually the dominance of outdated ones. Hence culture will not fully return to rationalism, physicalism and tech obsession, as these are now outdated.

If you have a proof that something supernatural exists, go on and win the Randi Prize. Until you do this, your magical beliefs are completely irrelevant for me. It only takes one winner to discredit physicalism once and for all!

But you are right that there probably will be a resurgence of some magical/supernatural beliefs during the 2T, as it was during the Social Gospel Awakening. Fortunately during an Apollonian 2T it's less prominent than a Dionysian ones. The Missionaries are remembered as rational thinkers, like Einstein. The neo-Missionaries should be similar.

Quote:I avoid labeling awakenings by the name of the prophet generation; even though prophets provide an important element, more than one generation contributes to awakenings. S&H have given appropriate names to these turnings

100% agreement Smile

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