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Bipartisan Senate group proposes ‘no fly, no buy’ gun measure
(10-14-2018, 08:24 AM)pbrower2a Wrote: I am quieter about blatant spam because such is always done in calculation of a reward. People make mistakes, and I expect some mercy upon those who repent publicly after recognizing the error of their ways. Some people simply have bad moments. This said, I tend to see an encouragement of suicide as something that could be taken literally. I would have accepted something like "Kill the character" as much less threatening to a person. Historical reality requires huge numbers of literary deaths to make Schindler's List credible as a book or novel.

Some moderators ban people for words even to the point that I am unable to mention that I have a cocker spaniel or that my favorite director is Alfred Hitchcock; identifying Francis Fukuyama as a historian; describing Phuket, Thailand as a place ravaged by a tsunami; recognizing Dick Van Dyke as a great comedian; calling nonsense "bullshit"; or giving the unglamorous explanation of the meaning of the acronyms SNAFU and WTF.   

I may be harshly judgmental about certain things, especially when they can hurt people. The other side of the political spectrum surely has nasty things to say of me when I disparage their ideals -- ideals that if taken to their logical conclusion would turn most of us or our descendants into serfs, if not slaves. Resistance to oppression is easiest and least violent when it begins with the oppression and not after it fully entrenches itself with brutal methods of enforcement. In an authoritarian or totalitarian society, practically the only speech is either stereotyped for banality or is identical with command. The alternative is to either have violent revolution (which can fail) or wait until the system rots from within, in which case nothing is left when the oppressors are gone.

Reagan may have been objectionable to liberals, but Trump is evil.

Today the Left side of the political spectrum is much more diverse than is the Right side. The real tribalism is on the Right.
Actually, the amount tribalism on the right is minimal compared to the tribalism that seems to exist on the left these days. You don't have to worry about people like me getting directly involved with blue politics or becoming directly associated with blue politics. The Left looks diverse but the Left doesn't seem to be as diverse to me.

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