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Lou Dobbs doxxes victim of Trump sexual assault
These people are fucking fascists and must be stopped.

Quote:Jessica Leeds, the 74-year-old former traveling businesswoman who accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her three decades ago on a first-class flight to New York, is now the target of a high-reaching doxing campaign.

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Thursday retweeted Leeds’ phone number and address as indication of her ties to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign, according to Business Insider.
Since when are Malthusians fascists? Was the circa-1970 Zero Population Growth crowd a bunch of fascists?

And in a 1999 column, Patrick Buchanan linked the two - and warned conservatives not to trust them.
"It was better with them that were slain by the sword, than with them that died with hunger, for these pined away being consumed for want of the fruits of the earth" - Lamentations 4:9
Another opinion I don't respect.

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