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Bipartisan Senate group proposes ‘no fly, no buy’ gun measure
(02-21-2019, 11:40 PM)Classic-Xer Wrote: Well, according to her, we have twelve years to radically change just about everything related to all of us or we are all going to be dead in twelve short years. So, I guess that's our life span as an entire species. Now, I don't go to her church if she even goes to a church. I don't share her lifestyle if her lifestyle centers on reading books by liberals, watching liberal documentaries, reading information posted by liberals on liberal websites and information she gathers from her liberal peers and liberal family members.

Come on!  No one claims the end is neigh.  The REAL claims about 12 years has to do with permanent damage, and that's true. The climate changes, assuming we do nothing to mitigate them, will cause major dislocations and extreme costs, but life will go on.  But understand the concept of hysteresis. The full effects will be decades arriving.

Think of it as analogous to a huge tank full of water with a small hole in the bottom. The floot gets wet right away, but the flood doesn't happen until the tank empties. That's what baking the planet is like.

C-Xer Wrote:I'd say The Green New Deal recognizes the difference between the two America's and only recognizes and only addresses the issues and future needs related to one of them. Now, I can't speak for people like you because people like you seem to have this crazy notion in their heads that they know more than everyone else.

As far as I know, both Americas share the same air, suffer in the same storms, and eat from the same food stock. The GND is a grand plan fix it all. It may be overly ambitious, but it's grounded in science and economics.  What I fail to see is suffering for some and not all; benefits for some and not all. The options are narrowing. If not this or something similar pretty soon, the mitigation required will REALLY get hairy!
Intelligence is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom, but they all play well together.
The issue seems to be that blues understand and face up to the needs of the times, and the reds resist them and want to hang on to current ways. That's always the tension in society. The question is which side will win. Unless the blue side or the equivalent progressive side wins sometimes, especially in crisis moments, the nation never progresses and never meets the needs of the time, and thus stagnates and declines.

Sure, we need reds and conservatives to put a check proposals that are too disruptive or idealistic, too costly and outlandish. But we also need blues and liberals to push us forward and make needed changes when the times demand them.
"I close my eyes, and I can see a better day" -- Justin Bieber

Keep the spirit alive;
Eric M

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